Baby Making Sex: How To Enjoy Your Most Fertile Days

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That time of the month? Make the most of it by keeping the spark in your baby-making fertile day sex

When you’re trying to get pregnant, chances are you’ve used theovulation calculatorand have your fertile dates in mind/circled in your diary/firmly in the alerts section of your iPhone.

And while it’s good to keep on top (no pun intended) of things, just how do you hold onto the baby-making fun factor when it comes to those key days?

Do something to relax

Feeling pressured? Think about how you’d unwind before any other experience that makes you nervous, and try to make it the complete opposite with some relaxing activities during the day or in the run up.

‘Treat yourselves to a spa treatment or massage beforehand, or do some exercise to burn off stress,’ says sex and relationship author Dr. Yvonne Fulbright, founder of website Sexuality Source.

‘These will not only help counter pressure, but have you both more in the mood.’

Communicate what you want

Want to go all ‘50 Shades’ on him, or would you rather have a quickie? Let each other know – trying for a baby or not, sex is best when you’re on the same page.

Sex is best when you’re on the same page

‘Your most fertile time might come during a really hectic week when you’re just not up for a sexercise or marathon style session,’ says Yvonne.

‘So, communicate your needs during the day – this might be with a sexy text from work, or starting the evening with a foot massage and bath. It could even be watching an erotic film to let others do the work foreplay-wise.’

Choose your position

Once you know what you both want, have sex to suit the mood.

‘Side by side spooning is perfect if you want a lazy, easy session, while doggie can be great for a bit more action,’ says Yvonne.

What are you waiting for?

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