11 bath and body buys for your baby (that you’ll want to use for yourself)

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Trying to find the perfect moisturiser or bath wash for your little one?

There are so many choices of bubble bath and baby lotions at the moment, and you want to find one that will soften and cleanse your newborn's skin after their wash.

This selection of hand creams, body lotions, and even bubble baths are all recommended and perfect for your baby's skin.

Have a scroll and find the best one for you and your baby.


Baby bath buys

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1) Sophie La Girafe Baby Face Cream, £13.99, Amazon

Sophie La Girafe's Baby Face Cream smells gorgeous. It's free from skin irritants and lightweight, nourishing cream. The cream absorbs quickly and a perfect fix for adults too.

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2) Garnier Ambre Solaire Baby in the Shade Sun Cream, £4, Boots

This sunscreen highlights the importance of protecting your baby’s skin, even when you think they’re in the shade - reflected rays can be just as harmful. A great sized tube to pop in your nappy bag for quick applications on the go.

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3) baby sleep pillow spray, £19.50, This Works

The amazing Baby Sleep Spray guarantees a calm night for your baby. Spray a bit of Baby Sleep on your baby's pillow and your baby will settle into a deep, restful and natural sleep free of any skin irritation.

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4) Childs Farm moisturiser (unfragranced), £4.50, Childs Farm

This Childs Farm moisturiser is suitable for newborns, moisturises all skin types and all over the body, face, and hands with no fragrance. If you suffer from dry skin, it will leave your skin and your baby's skin feeling silky smooth.

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5) Baby Bee Cream To Powder, £9.99, Burts Bees

Burts Bee's Baby Bee Cream is just like a regular nappy cream but dries into a powder to absorb the moisture, whilst calming any irritation.

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6) Johnson's Baby Bath, £1.25, Amazon

Johnson's Baby Bath is designed to moisturise your baby's delicate skin and minimise the risk of allergies forming. The lotion that mummies swear by cleanses without drying your baby's skin.

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7) Childs Farm Bubble Bath Organic Tangerine, £3.99, Boots

Childs Farm's Bubble Bath Tangerine is an award-winning bubble bath. It will moisturise your little one's skin and leaves their young skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

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8) Earth Friendly Baby: Calming Lavender Bubble Bath, £4.95, Acorn and Pip

This Calming Lavender Bubble Bath aims to calm your little one before bedtime with the aroma of lavender. This lotion will soothe your baby's sensitive skin until they are silky smooth.

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9) Johnson's Baby Cotton Touch 2-in-1 Bath and Wash, £2.50, Amazon

Johnson's Baby Cotton Bath and Wash lotion is made for newborn's sensitive skin and made with real cotton. The lotion is light and gentle on their new skin and leaves no grease or residue.

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10) Super Soft Baby Wash, £8, Fifi and Friends

Fifi and Friends' Super Soft Baby Wash is a soft and mild body wash that delicately cleanses sensitive skin, leaving their skin feeling soft.

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11) Johnson's Baby Extra Toptotoe Moisturising Cream, £2.50, Tesco

Johnson's Baby Extra moisturiser is a mild and gentle solution that also cares for your newborn's skin. It provides 24 hours of moisturisation and free from added fragrances.

Bath and body buys for your baby

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