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Asda Nappy Pants

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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on ASDA Little Angels Nappy Pants.

Find out what our testers thought here...

What did you like most about the nappy pant?

Sarah: 'We liked the stretchy fit of the pull ups. My 2yr old is very independent at times and can put on and take off the pull ups by himself. I can also get a pull up on him during tantrums without ripping the seals which has happened with other brands. We have also found they last a full night and maintain their shape without sagging too much. Our son drinks a lot through the night and they haven’t leaked at all.'

Victoria: 'I was pleasantly surprised with how soft they are, I was expecting a cheaper product as they are from a supermarket, but they are very well made, and keep my little ones bottom dry and protected all night. He’s prone to nappy rash, as he has sensitive skin, and there is not even a hint of redness.'

Sophie: 'They're lovely and soft, feel a lot like a more expensive brand. I also like that they have ‘back’ written on them. It seems like a small thing but I have family members who change my son's nappy and they often get confused as they don’t do it as often.'

Were the super-soft materials kind to your baby's skin?

Carly: 'I found them very kind to my son Zach's skin, he has multiple allergies and eczema and they have been absolutley fine for him.'

Sharisse: 'Yes they were really gentle on her skin and feel that compared to other pants I have tried they were significantly softer.'

Karen: 'Yes, it kept my 18 month old boy’s skin relatively dry so it prevented the chance of nappy rash.'

How absorbent were the ASDA Little Angels nappy pants?

Jessica: 'Better than my previous brand as I felt like I had to change him more often with those.'

Sam: 'I found them very absorbent. My daughter has also been wearing them at night and we haven’t experienced any leaks.'

Victoria: 'They are very absorbent. They definitely do the job to keep my little ones bottom dry and protected. He has such sensitive skin, and the brand his nursery use are awful, following a nursery day I’ve put him straight into the Asda nappies and they do such an amazing job of protecting and repairing any redness from the day, and he wakes up with a lovely dry pink bum.'

Asda angel nappy pants

How comfortable was the fit, and were they easy to use and take off?

Sophie: 'They seemed comfortable to my tot, left no marks on his skin and he did not fuss when putting them on or taking off. Easy to rip off from the sides. Very handy to be able to rip easily when you have a squirming toddler. Easy to step into when standing which makes a big difference as I don’t need to get him to lie down when doing a quick nappy change.'

Sarah: 'We liked the fit and think they were comfortable for our little boy. He was never marked like they were too tight and was still doing his regular activities so they didn’t restrict him. He was also able to take them off and put them on by himself so they were easy to use.'

Sabrina: 'Fit was great, easy to take off, but I like to tear the side when she has pood in them and they were tougher than other ones I've used previously to tear off, but wouldn’t put me off.'

What did you think of the quality of the ASDA Little Angels Nappy Pants?

Jessica: 'I'm going to continue to buy these as I feel like they are better value for money than my previous brand.'

Victoria: 'The quality of the nappy pants are great. And if I was doing a blind test I would have thought they were an expensive brand. They stay together and intact when I’m having to wrestle them on a wriggling toddler.'

Carly: 'I think they were extremely good quality; we had no accidents and they fitted lovely and stayed in place over night.'

pepper Pig angel nappy

Did you and your baby enjoy the Peppa Pig designs?

Francesca: 'My little girl loves the Peppa Pig designs and it’s a great way to engage her and get her to have her nappy changed as she likes seeing the picture on them.'

Sam: 'Yes very much so! My daughter is a big Peppa Pig fan and couldn’t wait to wear one of the nappy pants. Nappy changes were welcomed a lot more because of the Peppa nappies, which is a win in my book!'

Jessica: 'Loved the Peppa Pig branding but feel like maybe need a boy and a girl design.'

Would you recommend ASDA Little Angels Nappy Pants to other parents? Why?

Sharisse: 'Absolutely I would! They are definitely the best pants I have tried so far. I found them thick, high quality, incredibly absorbent and flexible.'

Francesca: 'I'd definitely recommend Asda nappy pants. They're great quality and design, no leaks prove it’s a good fit and the fact they have ‘back’ written on them is a massive bonus so it makes it easy to figure out which way they go on, a lot of other brands don’t have this.'

Sarah: 'Yes I would recommend them to other parents. We are soon to try potty training and these nappies already allow our son independence to put on and take off by himself that they will be ideal for the early stages of training. They are also better absorbency-wise than other supermarket brands. We will definitely use them again ourselves and recommend to others.'

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