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This is the second video of the Ask The Expert video series with ASDA, which also tackles parenting FAQs on weaning, newborn and bathing. This time, it's all about nappies.

Now you may think nappies are simple enough, you pop them on and change them when needed - but then you come to questions around which size to go for, how tight should the fit be, how many nappies is normal? So, parenting and baby expert Rachel FitzD is here to answer all of your questions about nappies, with tips that may help you with your baby.

Babies come in all different sizes and shapes, and they grow at different rates too - that's why nappies come in lots of different sizes too.

"When you pop a nappy on your little one, you should be able to comfortably get two fingers all the way around the waistline and it should sit just below the belly button," says Rachel. "If you notice your baby's nappy is starting to feel tight around the waist or legs, or you can't cover the tape guides - it's time to move up a size."

If you're still unsure of sizings, you can also use the ASDA size up guide to help you figure out which size nappies would be best for your tot.

As well as how to make sure your baby's nappy is the perfect fit, Rachel will explain exactly how to change your baby's nappy, how often to check and change your baby's nappy, and when and how to move away from nappies.

"When we take our little ones out of nappies, what we're doing is supporting them towards toilet independance. Toddlers love independance, but if you ditch nappies too soon, you're likely to have more messes to clear up! So, take note of the signs for when your toddler is ready," adds Rachel.

Watch the video below for all your nappy questions answered.

Look out for the rest of the four part Ask The Expert series with ASDA on the Mother&Baby YouTube channel.

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