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Bath time is such an important part of you and your little one's routine. Not only does this special time create a crucial bonding experience for you and baby, it also provides a range of cognitive and emotional benefits for them.

Studies have shown that a baby’s brain is particularly focused during bath time due to the heightened range of senses it engages with. The feel of the water, the scent from the bubble bath and the touch from mum or dad all help stimulate baby and aid their development.

Additionally, experts claim that a warm bath paired with gentle massage slows a baby’s heart rate and blood pressure, relaxing them and helping to promote a good night’s sleep.

Make sure you get the most out of bath time (and hopefully get baby off to sleep!) with the Little Angels bath and body range.

Asda Little Angels Vapour Bath, £1

If you’ve got a bunged-up baby, Asda’s Little Angel’s Vapour Bath will be your best friend. This loved-by-parents product has a gentle menthol aroma which helps to soothe little noses to help baby breathe better and get a good night sleep, despite their congestion.

Plus, it doesn’t just have to be for baby, one mum reviewed Little Angel’s Vapour Bath saying “It's an absolute lifesaver. I use it for when the Mr has his manflu and for myself when the migraine appears. Great price and does the job well. Well done Asda!!”

Asda Little Angels Liquid Talc, £1.25

Asda’s Little Angels Liquid Talc won the Mother and Baby 2021 Bronze award for best nappy cream – and it’s clear why! This multi-use wonder balm applies like a lotion and dries down into a light talc-like powder to help absorb moisture and prevent chaffing, without the mess that often comes with traditional powder talc.

Plus, the lotion texture of this product means it isn’t drying for baby’s delicate skin. It's dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved, and at just £1.25 a tube your purse is sure to love it as much as your little one does.

Asda Little Angels Bedtime Massage Mist, £1.25

As mentioned, one of the big benefits of bath time is the added sleep benefits it can bring. Post-bath, gently spray your baby with the Little Angels Bedtime Massage Mist, which contains moisturising cottonseed extract and calming lavender and chamomile fragrance and give your baby a soft massage to help them drift off to sleep.

If you’re not sure where to start with baby massage, check out this handy article on Asda’s Baby Club to find massage tips.

All the Little Angel’s range is paediatrician approved and dermatologically tested, and best of all, every item is below £1.85 (bargain!). Shop the full Little Angels range at Asda.com.

For expert baby and parenting advice, plus great offers on your favourite baby brands, head over to Asda's Baby Club.

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