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ABC Design Salsa 4 Fashion Edition at a glance

Salsa 4 Fashion Edition pushchair is a 2 in 1 Urban designed pram for style-conscious and active parents. The fabric is made from recycled bottles and also a vegan product. All accessories available to make the perfect travel system.Suitable from Birth to 22kg and both world and parent facing. German design and quality at its best.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review..

How did this product make your life easier?

Gillian:** There are a few amazing features about this pram; probably too many to mention! My favourites were the canopy on the seat unit is huge! It can be pulled out to almost cover the whole seat area which is great when you get caught out in the rain or when it's particularly sunny and you want to protect your baby. Another great feature is the suspension, it’s not something I’ve seen on many prams but it makes a big difference to how smooth the ride is for baby. British pavements and roads are known for their uneven surfaces but I found that once my baby was asleep even the bumpiest roads didn’t wake her up. Despite its size, the pram was very easy to push around (even uphill) and manoeuvre.

Catia: I really loved testing this pushchair, the carrycot is big and what I loved was that the hood has SPF50, having a baby with very sensitive skin this has helped a lot. Also it is very easy to close it and open it again and it’s very light. Loved the bigger basket, for when shopping. Pushchair feels very light and easy to push around.

Ellen: This is a fantastic pushchair. I love that the fabric is made from recycled materials. The pushchair looks stylish and is very functional. The accessories are also great! The change bag is a decent size to fit everything you need and is very practical with different compartments. The way the accessories fit onto the pushchair is a great design. The pushchair reclines fully and the sun shade completely covers the baby.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Ellen: This pushchair has design features you don’t realise are so good until you come across them and then wonder how you lived without them in the past! The pushchair has great suspension making it comfortable for the baby and great design features such as the chair fully reclining and the hood completely covering the baby when extended.

Catia: I would recommend this pushchair to any mum because, it’s good value for the price, quality is amazing, carrycot is bigger than most brands in the market so it will last longer. Also, the fact that it has a hood with SPF50 on it means you don’’t need to buy anything else to get shade. It can also be used as a travel cot and has high quality finishing touches.

Gillian: The ABC Salsa 4 seems to be a relatively unknown travel system in the UK, but it is packed with amazing features that make it worth your attention. Things that I loved about it were the huge basket underneath, the big extendable canopy for the bassinet and seat which protects baby from sunlight & the elements, the suspension makes it a smooth ride for baby without adding any extra bulk to the chassis, it’s easy to fold & assemble and fits well into the boot of my car. The bassinet is a decent size and its mattress is made from breathable materials making it good for occasional overnight sleeping.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Gillian: I don’t know about all others on the market, but this is a good travel system that should be taken as seriously as some of the ‘big names’. To me the feature that stands out most is the suspension, it doesn’t add any more bulk to the chassis but makes the ride so much smoother for my baby. It means that my baby is more likely to have a decent nap while out on a walk. The carrycot and seat unit (which reclines fully) are both cushioned and my daughter seems comfortable in them. The pram is very easy to manoeuvre and seems very light even when pushing it uphill.

Catia: Yes Ii would definitely choose this pushchair, I loved it, the model we tested was in natural colour, it was beautiful and very well made. So light and easy to push, also very compact when closed compared with other pushchairs. Loved that it came with a changing bag that attaches to the pushchair, all amazing quality, and was really impressed.

Ellen: I would choose this product over others as it is a fantastic pushchair. The attention to detail and quality of the pushchair is easy to see and it’s clear it’s a comfortable ride! I have used two top brand buggies for my previous children and this one is by far the best in terms of being comfortable and also design and accessories.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ellen: If there were one thing I would change about this pushchair, it would be the straps. Although they are fully adjustable there is a long section of strap dangling free when the baby is small. Although my son likes to play with this free strap, I think it would look better if the straps were tucked away.

Catia: I wouldn’t change much on it, maybe the size, it feels a lot bigger than other pushchairs and travelling on public transport might be challenging, or if your car has a smaller boot. Another thing that I found being a bit of a problem was the bar that cuts through the middle of the basket that limits the size of what you want to put there.

Gillian: There aren’t many things I would change about this pram. For me, the thing that would make the most difference would be to change the bar at the back of the seat unit that adjusts the recline. I found that it’s difficult to see and awkward to reach, especially when the hood isn’t all the way up so it hangs down over the bar. If this were easier to use the pram would be practically perfect!

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