ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Prep Kettle with Built-in Thermostat review

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ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Prep Kettle

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This innovative formula prep kettle keeps to desired temperatures and has four pre-set functions- easily select from 40°C, 55°C, 70°C, 85°C, with an innovative adjustable temperature setting (37°C to 100°C in 1°C intervals.) The ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Prep Kettle is also totally silent on "keep warm" mode- can be kept in the same room as your sleeping family.

Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

Olivia: What I was particularly impressed with is that the ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Prep Kettle can be used as a normal kettle after my baby no longer has formula. Formula preparation machines are expensive and usually have a finite period of use so this is a very unique selling point. It is also much more compact than other formula preparation equipment and looks great. Additionally, you have to wait (albeit only two minutes) for the prefect prep machine to make a bottle of formula but with this kettle it is instant.

Terri: The ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Prep Kettle enables mums to be able to have formula friendly water ready at the drop of a hat, rather than having to wait for the kettle etc as I have done many times before! It means the water is safe to use throughout the day, no worries about whether it is hot enough etc as you can set and keep it at the exact temperature you need it to make formula safely. It is also silent, meaning there is no worry for noise if you do use it overnight, you know the water is ready by the small light on the front. The product is easy to clean, you can get at every point to clean, no fussing around with filters and any other fiddly bits, which is great, considering you don't always have time to do that!

Rhiannon: The product is very unique. It is different to anything else on the market as whilst being marketed for use in preparation of infant formula it is actually a functioning kettle and can be used as such once the need for infant formula has ended, this means it is more practical and environmentally friendly. The kettle does not require separate filters to be purchased which means it is more economical and again environmentally friendly. The kettle can be set to and maintains the desired temperature for up to 24hrs which means that you always have hot water available whether it be for the preparation of infant formula or for a cup of coffee to keep you going throughout the day!

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Olivia: The formula kettle sits on my bedside table and enables me to instantly make up a bottle of formula at the perfect temperature to immediately feed my crying baby. I set it up at the right temperature before I go to bed and have the correct amount of powdered formula measured out into pots ready to make straight up. Apart from when it initially gets up to the right temperature (I set this up before I go to bed), it is silent. It is fairly low maintenance (does not require additional expense such as replacement filters).

Rachelle: Being able to make a bottle almost instantly is a huge plus for any parent – waiting on a bottle for a hungry baby is never fun so speeding this up is fantastic!

Terri: It hasn't changed my life so much as my baby wasn't on a lot of formula feeds and was sleeping through the night when actually testing this product, so it didn't save us much time or get feeds made up all that much quicker. I do have to say I could see it being far more helpful when you're making up smaller feeds when baby is newborn and needing far more regular feeds, needing feeds through the night, but for when baby is getting older (7 or 8 months, when weaning is happening and milk is being reduced).

What excites you about this product?

Olivia: I think it is brilliant that the formula kettle can be used as a superior kettle for adults (to control the temperature when making hot drinks) after it has been finished being used solely for making up baby formula. This feature makes the price seem far more reasonable as it is not just another piece of wasted baby equipment. I also think the kettle looks great.

Rachelle: Having water ready at the right temperature to be able to instantly make a bottle – so simple but such a game changer!

Rhiannon: The ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Prep Kettle is extremely innovative. I really like that it is compliant with the World Health Organisation Guidelines as it eliminates the worry that the formula has been prepared incorrectly and could cause my child to become ill. I really like that the product is not limited to just being used in the preparation of infant formula and can be used as a normal kettle meaning it has a much longer lifespan. The elimination of the need for separate filters is fantastic as there are no additional costs and it means less waste for landfill.

What one thing would you change about this product?

Rhiannon: My one criticism of the ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Prep Kettle is that once the formula is prepared it is still at 70 degrees meaning that you still have to cool it down further to be able to feed it to your baby. Other products on the market allow the bottle to be made up so that it can be fed to the baby immediately. I think that because the kettle does not cool the bottle to a drinkable temperature it isn’t very appealing especially in the early days of a newborn when the baby needs to be fed on demand. The kettle is great once the baby is in a feeding routine and you know when to make the bottle in advance of it being required.

Rachelle: Honestly, nothing – well designed, well made, fairly priced and works great!

Terri: Although, the idea of it being completely silent is a great idea, there are obviously times when you're needing to use the product in the daytime and if you have other older children (as I do) you can get distracted and go off to do something else and almost forget you're waiting on the water to warm up! I think a beep would be sufficient as its not over the top and maybe even have an option to have an ‘alarm’ for daytime mode and have a nighttime mode so it doesn't beep and just becomes the light.

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