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tilda kids tomato and rice

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The Tilda Kids Cheese & Tomato rice is a steamed basmati rice packet that has been made for all those little ones who love Margarita pizza. It's a gluten free product that includes 'rice and veggies' in each 125g pack.

Best of all you can make this in 40 seconds, perfect for parents who are always on the go (which is pretty much all of us), plus this yummy, quick and easy packet is also a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Bronze winner.

Price: £1.00

Overview of the Tilda Kids Cheese & Tomato Rice


  • Ready in 40 seconds

  • Can be eaten hot or cold

  • Gluten free

  • 1 of your five a day


  • Bag not resealable

Testing the Tilda Kids cheese & tomato rice

Our parent testers, and their little ones, put the Tilda Kids cheese & tomato rice to the test and here is what they thought.

Jason said: "My daughter really enjoyed this rice. At only 1 years old, it was difficult for her to eat with cutlery but she ate it quite well using her hands. She really enjoyed it and we will be buying this for her again. I tried it myself and it tastes lovely, I would also happily eat this rice – the flavours are subtle and not too overpowering."

Mayraj said: "When opening the packet I could smell the rice. The appearance of the rice was attractive and the flavour was there. When I gave it to my son I watched to see what he would do as our food was something different. I looked at him and he tucked in straight away and started to eat. He is usually a fussy eater and he won’t eat things he doesn't like the look of. He carried on eating and also wanted more. I tasted it and I like the flavour and how it looked. This is something I would give to my child again and again."

Hannah said: "This is a good product for kids - there is limited salt and additives as it is for children which unfortunately is not true of other microwave rice products. The fact that it can be consumed hot or cold is also a bonus. My older child doesn’t like hot food so it’s nice to have something that doesn’t need to be heated."

Maggie said: "My boys aged 1 and 2 have always disliked rice. I think maybe it is the texture. So it was a nice product to review for us as I felt it was relevant. The rice packaging was nice and I found the portion size perfect to split with the boys and gave them some chicken also. I think because the rice was soft and stodgier due to the sauce it was a nicer texture to eat. My boys both ate it, yay!"

Mansoora said: "Good experience for me, would definitely rate this Tilda Kids rice product highly as both my children (16-month-old twins) absolutely loved it! I've tried this rice twice now with my kids and both times they absolutely loved it. They can be quite difficult with packet rice products because they either love or hate other market leaders. I was pleasantly surprised that with this product they really seem to like the flavours."

Alana said: "We (my 16-month-old son) and I tried this product and loved it. It is so quick and simple to use. Just tear open the pack and microwave for 40 seconds or pop it in a pan for 30 seconds. It makes lunch time easy. We just chopped up some salad and chicken and served it together. Brilliant for parents who are in a rush! My son loved the flavour and ate most of it too."

Tilda Kids cheese & tomato rice details

Weight: 126g

Contains: Steamed basmati rice, with tangy tomato and cheese (with milk), sunflower oil, vegetable stock powder, brown sugar, onions, carrots, passata, tomato puree.

Dietary: Gluten free

Age suitability: Suitable for children who are weaned and eating solids

Preparation: Ready in 40 seconds

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