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The Under Bust Vest is a "must have" for any new, breastfeeding Mum. It transforms your existing wardrobe into a nursing friendly one giving you the confidence to feed easily and discreetly.

Designed to scoop just under your nursing bra the Under Bust covers the post baby midriff providing support and comfort, whilst allowing easy access to your breasts for baby to feed.

The Vest has been created with a high back to ensure you don't have to worry about sliding straps. This leaves you free to focus on baby rather than re-arranging your top time after time.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Brogan Cartwright says: "This makes my life easier as a mom because it’s super comfortable and you forget your wearing it! Which is amazing because so many are suffocating and feels too tight and are too restricting! This is amazing and you definitely forget it’s on! And it helps You keep warm whilst feeding out and about so you haven’t got to completely cover yourself."

Eleanor Chamberlain says: "This product is fantastic I have struggled previously with find clothes to wear whilst breastfeeding. This top is so comfortable to wear and thin enough to wear under jumpers and not make you too hot. The top makes is really easy to breastfeed and simple for you to lift your other top up for easier access for your baby."

Billie Reed says: "It's made it so much easier for being a breastfeeding mum as I love to wear these type of materials under my normal tops as it makes me feel alot more comfortable especially after having a baby. The access while wearing this product has been so much better and easier access while needing to feed my baby."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Holly Riddick says: "Really good quality material and comfortable. Much easier then a standard clip nursing vest to wear under other clothing. Makes you feel more confident and comfortable when feeding in public. Less material than a standard vest to tuck under breast which can alter latch. No clips to distract baby when feeding."

Samantha Rogers says: "The fabric is lovely quality. This item is unique I didn't know it existed until I tested it so it is definitely something different. It is very comfortable to wear and doesn't get sweaty. It means that any item you have in your wardrobe is wearable which is a definite plus. As it is white it not noticeable under other clothes."

Elena Saunders says: "If you are a breast feeding mum this top is certainly convenient to use. You can wear it discreetly under your normal clothes as it doesn’t have a neckline and it fits very closely to your body. It covers your stomach when lifting your tops and jumpers to feed which makes it more comfortable and easy to feed your baby in public- a big bonus!"

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Danielle Smith says: "This top should most definitely win. I should be a staple top to own when breastfeeding, especially for the autumn/winter months, meaning you don't need to buy an entire new wardrobe, whilst making it a lot easier to feed your baby without the worry of flashing yourself at the world. I never thought I would be saying this about a top but it has honestly helped me to reclaim part of my identity and confidence, and as a busy mum-of-two this means a lot."

Vicki Smith says: "I have not seen or heard of any other products like this on the market . The only ones I have seen are waist trainers. However , I do think it is a very good idea and allows you to get back into your own clothes sooner and covers the mum tum when pulling up your top."

Alex Steel says: "This top is soft to wear and fits nicely due to the stretchy material. The top is sold as being a must have breastfeeding basic for Autumn/Winter and I would agree with this. However, due to the nature of the material, you do get very hot when wearing it so it hasn’t been great for the summer months. It would be even better if the top was made in a cooler material."

What changes would you make to this product?

Naomi Taylor says: "Although I feel this product is pretty much perfect. It would be nice if it came with another top to accompany it and wear over the top. It would also be useful if it came in multiple colours, or a pack of a couple of colours to mix it up a little and ensure it goes with different clothes. Other than that I don’t think it needs adjusting."

Brogan Cartwright says: "I don’t think I owild change anything about this, I love the colours and colour because it’s simple and will blend with most things you will wear, it’s super comfortable and soft! And doesn’t feel like your wearing anything, I absolutely love this! And I will be recommending this to everyone I know that breastfeeds as it’s super handy!"

Eleanor Chamberlain says: "The only thing I would change is the options for more colours for people to purchase. The fabric is lovely and the sizing is perfect. Marketing the product, I had never heard about the top before testing and have previously spent a year feeding my first child struggling with tops I could feed in. I would have definitely bought this if I had known about it. Maybe advertise more in magazines such as mother and baby or on new mum websites and forums."

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