Vital Baby NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags review

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Vital Baby NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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The Vital Baby NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags are perfect for storing your expressed milk and super easy when it comes to transporting and pouring. These leak-proof bags have secure seals and have standing bases so there is no risk of losing any of your milk.

How did this product make your life easier?

Carol: The Vital Baby NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags are very easy to remove from the box in a hurry, and are very clearly labelled. The opening is sealed, which keeps the inside sterile. I like the spout part of the bag when the milk has been defrosted. I haven't seen this design before. It seemed to work very well to pour the milk out and avoided any spillages.

Kirsty: The unique design of the easy pour spout makes these breast milk bags so easy to use. It is much quicker to pour the breast milk out of the bag into a cup and means that you lose less milk when pouring the milk. They also do not take up much space in the freezer when laid flat. The label on the back makes it easy to record the quantity and date of expressed breast milk.

Naomi: The Vital Baby NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags makes my life easier as it has a tear-off spout so that I do not have to pour milk directly out the top of the bag which means no milk spillages or milk left in the bag! I also love how you have to tear the top of the bag before using it, this way you know 100% that it’s sterile, unlike other brands.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alice: The pour on this product is so easy and because you are not having to pour over ziplock lips, it is easy to control the flow and I’m it into the baby bottle! The design is very well thought out and has clearly been developed alongside thin necked pump bottles to ensure the excellence of fit. I do not worry about crying over spilled milk with these bags!

Charlotte: The breast milk bag is a very convenient, space-saving way to store milk. I would recommend them over other bags as they are easy to pour from which means less spillage. I did not find it as easy to get milk into the bag; I still need to express it into a bottle then carefully pour it into the bag. I did not find this a great inconvenience though as I have some time to do this, whereas when I am getting the milk to feed the baby I do not, and need the easy-pour function. Although I still needed a bottle to express, I would still recommend the bags, especially if you express a lot, as they a very easy to store and transport.

Zoe: Yes, definitely. There are cheaper breast milk storage bags on the market but, having tried these, I would use them again. The plastic is flexible but durable, the top opening is big enough to easily pour expressed milk into and the spout is a very good idea that makes using the milk and pouring it into a bottle much easier.

Would you choose this product to win?

Pamela: This product really is excellent, it is usually Daddy that does the pouring out, I’m usually just tipping in, but for both this is great. Only two gripes, firstly as with every other brand I feel there is little point marking volume of milk as it is not accurate. Secondly, I prefer having two seals to know that both are definitely closed (as in the lanisoh bags.)

Naomi: Yes I would choose the Vital Baby NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags over other ones I’ve tried because it’s been the easiest to use and look the best (even though this makes no difference to usability). I think this product should win mostly down to the fact it has a tear-off corner to pour milk out, I haven’t seen this before on any other bags and it’s a great idea.

Carol: I like the spout part of the Vital Baby NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags, but have not found that it made a huge difference to how I prepare the milk from the bag compared to the others that I have tried. I am sure that for other users, it may well edge above the other competitors. At the end of the day, there are only so many design features you can tinker with for a breast milk storage bag.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirsty: I wouldn't change anything about this product and will continue to buy these breast milk bags. Personally I found that the 250ml size bags were perfect for me as I like to store small amounts of breast milk at a time. But some people may find that they would like breast milk bags with a bigger capacity.

Alice: Could you make an adaptor to fit the bag directly to the Medela pump for ultimate compatibility? I really loved all the features of this product and have recommended to it everyone I know who is expressing. I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere other than John Lewis so this might limit their availability to some areas of the country - luckily I live near a John Lewis!

Charlotte: I found it quite time-consuming and slightly difficult to get the milk into the Vital Baby NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags. Although the spout has a perforated strip, the top of the bag does not so if I wanted to use them when away, for example, I would need to make sure I had scissors. The bag does not open wide enough to get over the top of a bottle or pump so I cannot express straight into the bag or pour the milk straight in one go.

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