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UV Steriliser

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This clever UV Steriliser uses ultraviolet light to sterilise your bottles and other items in 3 minutes with no water, microwave, chemicals, cooling time or drying! So simple to use - pop two bottles into the compact unit, zip it up, press the button on the front to start the cycle and you're good to go! In 3 mins, the UV light is zapping and killing 99.9% of bacteria (a method used by the NHS). You can use it for sterilising other accessories from toys, breast pump parts, teethers and your mobile phone! Compact, lightweight & made from an easy-clean, stylish fabric, it's no surprise it won bronze in our 2023 Mother and Baby Awards in the Best Steriliser/ Sterilising Product category.

Overview of the Nuby UK UV Steriliser


Versatile uses

Energy saving

Stylish design


Doesn't dry items

Testing the Nuby UK UV Steriliser

Nuby steriliser awards

Our parent testers loved how easy the Nuby was to use. It also saved them plenty of time when prepping bottles, essential when you have a hungry baby.

"I found the steriliser extremely easy, straight forward and easy to use. I found it much less time consuming when trying to make my child a bottle with the peace of mind that the quickness of the sterilisation has been complete."

Like most UV sterilisers, you can place most things in there to sterilise including dummies, toys and more, and our parent testers loved this about the steriliser.

"Due to the convince of the item I have also used it for sterilising toys and dummies. As the item is UV powered, the fact that I don’t have to worry about no more hot steam burns when making night time bottles and still half asleep has been life changing! In my opinion this steriliser has transformed the way or sterilising and I will most definitely continue to recommend to fiends and family who have babies or are planning to do so in the future."

Our mums loved the look of this steriliser, something that you don't always get with cleaning products.

"The design is very sleek and stylish. It’s very easy to use, fairly compact and easy to transport therefore it is handy as a travel steriliser. I did however not use this product much due to not being able to fit many bottles in - as a mum of twins I need to be able to bulk sterilise when I get a spare moment!"

Travelling with the Nuby UV steriliser was also very easy, and our parent testers found it was ideal for on the go sterilising.

"The first thing that I noticed about this product is how lightweight it was. I knew straight away this would be perfect for our upcoming trip to the seaside. The instructions were really clear but I did struggle to turn it on for the first time. It was really easy to travel with, didn't take up a lot of room and was quick to setup at the hotel. The only downside I found is that there was only space for 2 bottles."

Final thoughts

Overall our mum testers loved this UV steriliser from Nuby. Not only is it more stylish than others in appearance and suitable for travel, it's also very easy to use and sterilises in no time at all for convenient, time-saving cleaning.

Although some mums felt it wan't big enough to fit everything into it, our testers loved that it could still look nice placed on the kitchen side.

Full product specs

Sterilisers in three minutes

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

BPA free

Contents: 1 x UV Steriliser Box, 1 x metal tray


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