Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins review

Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins

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The Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins contains the three advised vitamins that the NHS Department of Healthrecommends all children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years old should have as a supplement to a healthy diet.

This liquid vitamin supplement is suitable for babies from six months old who are either breastfed or receiving less than 500ml of formula a day. The Nature & Nurture Baby & Child vitamins are also a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Gold winner. Read on to see what our parent testers thought of this product when they reviewed it with their little ones.

Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins
Price: £9.49

Overview of the Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins


  • Flavourless

  • Suitable for vegans

  • Liquid format

  • Bottle/quantity long lasting, with 60 doses


  • Packaging not very eye catching

  • Not suitable for formula-fed babies


The Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins is a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Gold winner.

Testing the Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins

Our parent testers reviewed the Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins here is what they thought:

Mum Rachel said: "We have got on well with this product and first impressions have been great. It is easy to use and easy to administer too. There is no foul taste either, so the product doesn't have to be hidden in a meal or drink, baby is happy to take it directly from the syringe as the dose is small."

Tester Aisling had been using these vitamins with her son prior to being selected, she said: "I have been using this product for a year for my 2 year old, she is thriving now and loves taking these vitamins. I think the best thing is the value for money is as the bottle contains 60 doses with one dose a day so it does last. I have recommended this to a friend whose children are dairy and egg free through allergies and she absolutely loves them as well, as she was struggling to find one that suits them."

Louise said: "Myself and my child got on really well with this product. I liked that the product was easy to administer and there was not an ordeal in trying to get the vitamins in her. It was further helped that I could mix this into her food, so she wasn’t even aware she was having vitamins. There was never any issue in getting my child to take the vitamins and it made me feel at ease knowing she was getting everything she needed as she can sometimes be a fussy eater so may not always get everything she needs from her diet alone. I also liked that the syringe that was provided with the product was slimline and not bulky."

Mum Katie said: "My son has enjoyed taking these vitamins. They were easy to measure out using the detailed syringe to ensure correct amount which is very helpful as its only 0.5ml at a time. He was happy to take them from the syringe however they can also be mixed with food or drink for little ones who don't like syringes making it perfect to add vitamins into little ones diet easily. The bottle itself is only small so easy to store or keep in the changing bag if out for the weekend and each bottle contains 60 doses so lasts roughly 2 months. My son was also ok with the flavour which made it so much easier to administer."

Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins details

Dietary: Suitable for vegans, contains no peanut oil, alcohol or lactose and is gluten free

Age suitability: 6 months+

Dosage: Contains 60 doses

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