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Nanobébé Starter Set

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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The Nanobébé Starter Set includes the essentials for introducing your baby to feeding with their breastmilk bottles, their nonelectrical Smart Warming Bowl, and some Flexy Soothers. It also includes adaptors so you can connect the bottle to your breast pump securely.

How did this product make your life easier?

Catherine: This Nanobébé Starter Set product is excellent - I love how the adapter means I can use it with the pump I already had. Being able to pump and not have to transfer the milk is a great time saver and the science behind the faster cooling makes sense to me and I felt better knowing that my milk the best it could be from been stored by using this product directly with the pump. This is also the only bottle I have been able to successfully feed my breastfed daughter - so this has been a godsend! I also liked that the bottom comes off for easier and more thorough cleaning. All in all this product is a must for me!

Francesca: I found the Nanobébé Starter Set very easy to use, it comes with breast pump adapters which allow you to pump straight into the bottle meaning there is less chance of mess, it's quicker and easier. I also liked the fact that the shape of the bottles meant they can be stacked, saving space in the fridge or when storing. The smart warming bowl heats breast milk more evenly than a normal bottle warmer and only uses water from the hot tap. This means there is less chance of heat spots in the milk and no chance of leaving the warming bowl turned on because it doesn't use electricity. This is a big plus when you are sleep-deprived!

Eve: The bottles have meant that I am able to get a bit of me-time without panicking that the baby will miss a feed. It also improved life for dad as he feels the bond between him and the baby has improved since he can also give her a feed. Being confident that there's a stack of bottles in the fridge so I can take a bath or have a nap and leave dad too it has really improved my wellbeing.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Elizabeth: The Nanobébé Starter Set is great if you are moving on to combi feeding or bottle feeding from exclusively breastfeeding. I had been trying to do this for a while but my baby would fuss with a bottle versus being fed on the boob. After trying these bottles she is now successfully combi fed by both breast and bottle.

Rachael: My baby loved these bottles and was an easy game changer to how we not feed. I would say this is more of an in-between bottle as I have used it to get from breast to bottle and then to a more practical bottle (more due to the shape and storage in my bag.) I would have no problem recommending this to other mummies going from breast to bottle as my child found it and easy change.

Julie: I would recommend these as I love the design, the set is easy to use, practical and comes with everything a breastfeeding mum could need. I think the stacking design is a great space saver in the fridge. I believe these are an easy way to adjust your baby to using a bottle for when you can't be around.

Would you choose this product to win?

Eve: The stacking design of the bottles was one of my favourite things about the product. The shape made using the bottles for my baby easy and effortless, which was great because like a lot of breastfeeding mums I worried bottles would confuse my baby. This product has given me so much more confidence about returning to work and I now feel ready knowing my baby happily drinks expressed milk from the Nanobébé bottle.

Elizabeth: Yes, after the success we have had since using these bottles I wouldn’t use another brand for the foreseeable future. These bottles have been a game-changer for me and my family, and it means that my husband can be involved in feeding our baby girl as well, which is something he has wanted to do for a while.

Francesca: Yes because it is the only product on the market which is designed to preserve the nutrients in breast milk. My favourite thing about the bottles is the shape allows my three-month-old to hold the bottle herself (with a little help) which allowed her to interact and provided a sensory/learning opportunity whilst feeding.

What changes would you make to this product?

Catherine: Nothing - I think the Nanobébé Starter Set is fantastic. The design is easy to clean, store and use with the added bonus of resulting in 'safer', 'better, expressed milk. The only downside, which I am sure could not be changed, is the bottle warmer is not very portable - so if using anything else on the move (e.g a bowl from eateries) the warming would not be as good given the concave base of the bottles.

Julie: I think the only thing letting the Nanobébé set down is the availability of additional items. Whilst I can't imagine I would need more bottles, I did try to find different teat sizes for the future and as this is a lesser-known brand, they were not readily available. This may put people off from purchasing, but hopefully we will be able to source some.

Elizabeth: I wouldn’t change anything about this product. We are all very happy with it. We have recommended this product to all our friends and family. We gifted a set of these bottles to my sister who recently had her first baby. She was also highly impressed as she is exclusively bottle feeding her baby girl.

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