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Feed. Sterilise. Repeat. A great alternative to full baby sterilisers, these microwave steriliser bags are an easy way to sterilise feeding equipment anytime, anywhere. They kill up to 99.9% of common bacteria on bottles, pump parts and accessories in as little as 90 seconds. Each steriliser bag can be used 30 times and includes an Easy Close Pull Tab for easy, repeated use.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Anjalee Adatia says: Very easy to use and ideal for travelling. They are light weight and easy to carry even if there is a small bag I no longer need to carry my steriliser especially on short weekend trips. I was nof aware these existed. It means I can leave a few bags at my parenrs house as well to help with bottles.

Lyndsay Heap says: The munchkin steriliser bags are great as a travel solution for sterilising, as long as you have access to a microwave then they provide a compact space saving solution to sterilising on the go, rather than taking bulky cold water sterilising equipment. They are particularly useful if you are just going out for a day or two to visit friends or family and want to travel light.

Emilia Hewitson says: Easy to use, no hassle to boil water saves me time so I can spend it with my baby instead. A lot can go in the bag and no need to mess about with hot water and accidentally burn so this is a good product on the market for mums with babies and children. I can see this being perfect to use if baby is formula feeding as more bottles are used and needs cleaning.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Holly Holyhead says: I would recommend this product to fellow mums as it is very easy to use and convenient. With each bag being able to be used up to thirty times and with six in a pack, 180 uses is good value for money. They will last quite a while maybe even the six months of the sterilising process. They are easy to transport if you are at other people's houses and they don't have a steriliser.

Robyn Hope says: Very useful if you travel, or baby goes to stay with grandparents etc regularly these have got a use however they are not something I would have bought or would necessarily recommend. The quality is really good, and they are reusable several times making them good value for money. If you like using the microwave to sterilise then these could be for you.

Abbie Hughes says: The set contains a good number of bags and each can be used multiple times- they’re easy to store in the baby bag and much easier to use when on the go biding friends and family compared to taking a whole sterilising unit with you! It’s safe as the grip doesn’t get hot and you can let steam out easily without burning your fingers.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emilia Hewitson says: It's a good product so I don't see why it should not win. It's small easy to use and perfect for sterilising. I think this perfect bag for formula feeding babies as it of bottle needs to be steralise and once babies are older toys and bitting toys. Not sure what other options are out on the market so can only recommend this one.

Anjalee Adatia says: The fact that this product is easy to use, a clear design. It is easily folded and light to carry. It is easily transportable. Makes life so much easier when there is already so much you need for a baby. I'd much rather use these than a bulky steriliser which takes up too much room in cupboards. I'll buy this in future.

Lyndsay Heap says: Whilst this product is very convenient, it is a disposable plastic product with a limited use period and for this reason I wouldn't feel happy using it as my regular sterilising option. As a travel option however it's a great product but I would be tempted to choose an alternative product that is more eco friendly.

What changes would you make to this product?

Robyn Hope says: I don’t think I would change anything about these, as I think for the right person they are fine as they are. They seem really good quality as you would expect from this brand. These are just not a product I would necessary purchase or use had it not been for the purpose of testing.

Holly Holyhead says: If I could change one thing that would improve the product to make my life better is tough as it is a really good product. Having to choose one thing to change about the product is the bottom is difficult to fold out to make it stand up. This makes it difficult to stand it up in the microwave and to put the bottles and dummies in.

Abbie Hughes says: I would ensure they could be used more times than 10, like other similar Products. I would also perhaps have different coloured ones so I could categories what I put in each one- one for utensils, soothers, another for breast pump parts etc. I would also perhaps make them slightly wider to fit the funnelled parts of a breast pump inside.

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