Medela Swing Pump & Feed review

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Medela Swing Pump & Feed

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At a glance:

An innovative and popular electric breast pump combined with a complete solution to pump, feed, store and clean. The unique feeding device Calma allows an easy switch from breast to bottle and back to breast again. This Pump & Feed Set meets all the needs of a breastfeeding mum perfectly. Features a swing motor unit, a connector, three 150ml bottles, a bottle stand, a breast shield, two lids, Swing tubing, a mains adapter, two Calma solitaire, five pump and save breastmilk bags, a quick clean microwave bag, one standard bag and a sling. All of that for £144.99? They really are making life easy for mums by putting it all in one easy package!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Aisha: I would certainly recommend this Medela swing and pump set to new mums as you can just buy the whole set and not worry about bottles or milk storage - everything comes in the box. I was amazed at how much milk the Medela pumped as I wasn’t expecting so much. It’s small and easy to use so you can even use it while breastfeeding on the other breast which is when I think this works best.

Louise: Yes. The pump is very comfortable to use and not too noisy. It comes with a little bag that you can store all the kit in keeping it all together which is ideal. Very easy to transport and very easy to use. Simple instructions on a card with just images which I found very helpful. The card also has helpful information about breast milk storage guidance. Each part is taken apart meaning you can keep it clean. It can also go in the dishwasher which is brilliant. I found this pump very effective and efficient at expressing and easy to maintain.

Kirsty: I would definitely recommend this product because I have found it to be incredibly easy to use, live with, store and transport. The pump itself is easy to set up, the instructions were relatively easy to follow although it is fairly self-explanatory anyway. The main unit comes with a neck strap to free up your hands and the 2 stage pump performs well, extracting the milk without any faff and fairly quickly. The microwave sterilisation bag is super handy too and easy to use. The bags for freezing and storage are fuss-free and reliable.

How did this product make your life easier?

Faye: The Medela Swing pump and feed is amazing! It saves me time in so many ways. I can pump breastmilk so much quicker than a manual pump, so less time sitting with a pump attached to me and less energy pumping away! I can also feed my baby from one breast whilst pumping from the other, something I struggled to do with a manual pump. The steriliser bags also saved me time as I don’t have a steriliser.

Gabrielle: This is an essential part of my daily routine. I can quickly and efficiently express my breast milk, store it in the fridge in the compact bottle and my husband can give to our baby girl in the evening ensuring I get some "me" time which is essential to keeping my sanity! Very easy to use and also comfortable, which for me is key and something I was a bit anxious about before using a product like this.

Kerrie: It was a bit of a challenge to sort out and put together the pump for the first time but I quickly got the hang of it. Expressing worked really well with it and my little boy managed the bottle. I've had 4 other children and have never managed to get them to take a bottle so this was definitely a result!

Would you choose this product to win?

Sophie: I have not used an electric pump before but compared to hand pumps this product is far superior and definitely worth paying extra for. It is quick and easy to use without the hand cramp from the manual pumps! It is also compact and easy to transport. It is useful in that it can be battery operated or plugged into the mains. I feel that this does deserve to win best product in this market and highly recommend it.

Mei: I would choose this Medela Swing pump above all others on the market. This Medela Swing pump and Feed set is small and light and is good for mums that need to carry the pump set when they are travelling. The pump can be used in either battery mode or main power mode. This will give extra flexibility when mums are using this pump set when travelling.

Aisha: I would certainly choose this Medela swing and feed pump set above all others on the market, especially for new mums because it comes with everything you’ll need. The milk pouches are great for storing milk as are the bottles. You can select the power of the suction and see which suits you best. The vacuum suction is great and at the same time extremely comfortable. It also comes with a belt clip so you can pump without having to carry it.

What changes would you make to this product?

Louise: I found the instructions for the storage bags a little confusing so that the first time I tried to use it I got in a tangle and just expressed into a bottle and transferred into the bag. However, I tried again in a less sleep deprived state and worked out how to wrap the pump into the bag and was successful. It worked well once I figured out the wrap bit. Perhaps that could be simplified slightly.

Kirsty: If I could change one thing about this product to make my life better, it would only be to have a larger bottle to pump into. Sometimes while I was overproducing at the beginning I would need to stop empty the bottle and start again, which wasn’t too much of a problem but it would be more convenient if it came with a larger bottle. Or the option to pump straight into a storage bag.

Faye: I love everything about this pump! It’s really handy that you can pump directly into bottles to feed to your baby. However, my little girl will not take a bottle, so this wasn’t helpful for me and if there was an option to buy without the bottles I would. The only thing I can think of that would make it better would be if there was the option to pump from both breasts at once.

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