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MAM Nipple Shields

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At a glance:

MAM nipple shields protect sore and cracked nipples which can lead to painful breastfeeding. The shield's special shape allows maximum skin contact between you and your baby, encouraging longer and more relaxed feeding times. MAM shields are finished in soft, flexible silicone to mimic the breast, leaving your baby comforted and reassured as they feed and bond with their new mum.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alice: I would highly recommend these nipple shields to mother's suffering with sore or cracked nipples if your baby has a shallow latch, a tongue tie or other feeding issues. They are small and very discreet. They are easy to carry around in your bag and even discreet enough to wear inside your bra when out and about.

Georgina: They come in a handy, clean carry case and are comfortable and easy to use. The thin shield makes it comfortable for both mum and baby. They allow the nipples to be protected without completely stopping sensation to the area and therefore allowing the let down to continue easily.

Esther: I would recommend these nipple shields because of the dramatic decrease in sensation I experienced whilst trying them. This would be such a relief to someone suffering from pain during breastfeeding. I think the carry cases they come in are a fantastic idea and would be a huge help for feeding while out and about.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sophie: I am lucky that I have not had to use nipple shields with my second baby. I sampled this nipple shield with my seven-month-old and found it to be comfortable. It did not confuse my baby with his latch. This nipple shield would have allowed me to maintain breastfeeding if I had had sore nipples which is something which was important to me.

Kelly: As the MAM Nipple Shields are so easy to use and very comfortable to wear, it makes feeding much more comfortable when nipples are sore, cracked or dry. I do not have to use as much nipple cream, ice packs or compression pads which is something I have had to use frequently as my baby is teething and is often rough when feeding. I do not need to use formula or bottles when in pain with sore nipples as the MAM Nipple Shields solve the discomfort and my baby doesn’t notice a difference.

Sabina: These are especially helpful when trying to get my baby to latch on when they are tongue-tied. The nipple shield is nice and firm, providing the relevant support that my baby requires. It fits my nipple well and comes in a variety of sizes which is great. My baby appears to be comfortable when using the nipple shield and is getting everything he needs.

Would you choose this product to win?

Alice: For me, this product was a life saver. Without them, I would've definitely given up on breastfeeding due to the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I would choose them above other products on the market.

Georgina: I would choose this product above other nipple shields as they are easy to use and comfortable. In comparison to other nipple shields, the plastic is much slimmer which has many advantages. The other excellent thing about this product is the option for different sizes to ensure a good and comfortable fit.

Esther: As I haven’t tried other products on the market I couldn’t really say whether this is superior. If I ended up needing to use nipple shields in the future I would be more than happy to go straight to this one without trying other options. One thing that impressed me was that after only a momentary hesitation my son was happy to latch on and drink through this shield. My baby is normally very resistant to using a variety of different brands of bottles!

What changes would you make to this product?

Sophie:  It is good that the nipple shields come in different sizes however there isn’t guidance on what the sizes mean. Due to having small breasts, I would have imagined that size small would fit however they were too small and pinched my nipple. If I had purchased them I would have been disappointed to have to then purchase the larger ones. Guidance on the sizing would be helpful. I am not sure how you are supposed to know which size you are.

Kelly: There isn’t anything I would change about this product. I really like the MAM Nipple Shields. They are simple, easy and comfortable to use. I like the style and shape of the nipple shields. The materials are soft and feel natural, light and comfortable. You forget that you are wearing this product as my baby didn’t notice a difference when feeding.

Sabina: These don't have to be replaced after every use but they do have to be replaced and spares are always required. If they were a little cheaper, it would be great. But other than that I think the product itself is great.

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