MAM Milk Powder Box

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MAM Milk Powder Box

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MAM’s Milk Powder Box holds three servings of formula (or powdered milk) and is great for days out or for sorting quantities for day care or nursery. It’s also a great ‘quick fix’ for night feeds, when time is of the essence. The box is lightweight and not at all cumbersome, fitting conveniently into whatever changing bag you’re using. It’s sterilisable and dishwasher-safe, and can also be used to store snacks, pacifiers or bottle teats. The formula pours out of the box easily, with minimal mess but the lid is quite shallow and one can’t help but feel dubious packing it without a plastic bag to prevent spillage. That said; the product’s convenience and versatility makes it good value for money.

Product Information

MAM Milk Powder Box

Triangular shape for easy filling of bottles

3 compartments for extra-large portions

Spill-free snap covers for easy opening, filling and reclosing

Volume per portion: up to 40g

Sterilisable & dishwasher-safe

Also suitable for storage of snacks, pacifiers and bottle teats

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