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Kendamil Classic Follow-On Milk at a glance:

Kendamil proudly makes the most natural, traceable and sustainable infant formula in the world. We manufacture the only British-made Stage-2 follow-on formula using milk exclusively sourced from local farms throughout the Lake District, a UNESCO World-Heritage Site. Our full-cream formulation contains higher levels of natural milk-fats and includes key components as identified in breast-milk including DHA, GOS and MFGM. We proudly use zero palm oils, meaning better calcium absorption for your little-one and saving precious rainforests, while our plant-based Omega-3 means Kendamil contains zero fish oils, protecting our oceans and making us vegetarian-friendly, as certified by The Vegetarian Society.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Leah: My daughters have both been breastfed. Never used formula and never saw the need to use follow on milk. But not being able to or wanting to jump straight to dairy with my youngest after my eldest reacted badly to it, it was worth a try and has worked well! I’ve never used formula before and so had no idea what I was doing but instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Michaela: This product is amazing! I’ve always stuck to the same formula however after being sent Kendamil I won’t go back, my 10 month old slept better than ever after having changed! The scoop and level are brilliant and easy to use, simple instructions and an overall great product. Really pleased, only thing is it’s not available in every store compared to competing brands, so can be hard to get hold of if in a rush unfortunately.

Olivia: I would say that this product doesn't make my life easier as a mum, with our baby now being 9 months old, we are close to using of cows milk, and when speaking to the health visitor about follow on milk, they advised it was not necessary. However for these purposes we did trial it, however when trying to find more stock so we could give it a fair chance we did struggle to find it in all shops - whereas other brands were more readily available.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Leah: I personally would recommend this over other brands to people I know. It sounds silly but the packaging for a start caught my eye. It looks a lot more premium than other brands which naturally makes you think what’s inside is going to be better for your baby and full of more goodness to closely match breastmilk when I can’t breastfeed for any reason.

Michaela: I would definitely recommend this product to anyone I know! I have already recommended it to my sister who is due to have her first child this month. It’s definitely worth the money and my baby loves this milk! Can really tell the difference between other formulas, this is a great quality product for a great price! I am happy to recommend this product and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I am super happy with this formula milk, I wouldn’t go back to our original formula now that I have tried Kendamil.

Claire: This product looked great, the design of the tin was nice and looked expensive, however when I looked online, I could see that it was affordable. Easy directions on the product on how to make up a bottle and list of ingredients and nutrients in the formula.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jessica: I will now choose this product above all others, even though it is slightly pricier than others I have previously bought. This product is softer on my son’s tummy and has enabled him to be more comfortable. Other well-known brands have made his reflux quite bad and some of them have been quite smelly.

Claire: If my daughter didn’t suffer from reflux, I would consider this formula. The affordability of it is very appealing and how easy it is to use. The list of nutrients in it and how creamy it is was great.

Michaela: Yes! For the price of this product it is well worth it, same price range as other brands but Kendamil really stands out from the rest, lovely packaging, easy to use, great natural ingredients and baby loves the taste! Myself and my partner can really tell the difference in the quality of this product, couldn’t be happier and so glad we got to test Kendamil

What changes would you make to this product?

Olivia: More readily available. It was difficult to source this product in my local shops compared to seeing other brands follow on milk readily available on all shelves in the supermarkets. It wouldn’t be something I would use out of choice as I don’t like to bulk buy and only buy when necessary which wasn’t easy to do.

Jessica: The only thing that I might change about this product is the price tag. I feel, there is a possibility for some Mum’s that this might be out of their price range. For how excellent the product is and how well my son has now done with it, the thought that some might not be able to afford it would be upsetting. However, I understand that in today’s current climate Kendamil need to be competitive with other products. It would be good to see offers on this and more advertising around how great it is. Before this, I hadn’t noticed it on the shelf or wouldn’t have thought to try it.

Leah: I don’t think it could be done but more sealed lids to help stop bacteria getting into the formula when opened. I have always thought about it like maybe a choice to just open the whole lid or to have a small section you can pour from into the measuring cup, kind of like those iced coffees you can get in the shops.

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