Juno Jack’s Breastfeeding Hoodie Twinning Sets review

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The original Breastfeeding Hoodie - These stylish hoodies are fleece-lined throughout with a unique nursing access offering comfort and convenience when breastfeeding your baby. Featuring two double-ended zips hidden within the seams and adjustable hip zips, these hoodies will be a wardrobe staple long after your breastfeeding journey ends.

Available in a wide range of colours, these hoodies come with matching Baby Hoodies for your little one (minus the zips for breastfeeding!) Tried, tested and loved by our lovely community!

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Yvette Adjei-Gyamfi says: "It was really easy to feed my baby whilst wearing this hoodie. The zip concept is a great idea. Unlike other breastfeeding tops, this one allows easy access and my baby seemed comfortable against the soft fabric. There is no fussing about with layers and trying to get your babies head under a top which find can sometimes upset a fussy baby even more."

Hajra Begum says: "This product made my life easy as it enabled me to use it as of when I needed, the steriliser was really easy to use and wash too clean also This has made the whole feeding routine easy and its been great to take away too Its definately a product I will use alot And the confort is so perfect and ideal as its a hoodie and freding one also."

Loubna Charkaoui says: "I loved using this product. Very useful product and very versatile. I was trialing during the warmer weather so I didn’t wear it outside but used it a lot at home in the night when waking up for night feeds. Usually I’m always very cold getting out of bed and going into the living room for feeds. I usually throw on a dressing gown of zip up hoodie. I would thrown on this hoodie and so the only part of me exposed was the breast. I felt much warmer and was much happier."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Helen Cuthill says: "When I first wore this hoodie I took a photo of us both with the zip done up and the zip undone and sent it to all my breastfeeding mum friends, that's how much I liked it. Getting your boobs out in public is difficult, sometimes traumatic, and with a screaming baby by your side people are looking. They may approve of the feeding, but I still don't want them to see my nipple! This top makes the experience easier and warmer and I would certainly buy this top for a first time mum who is worried about feeding in public particularly in the cooler months."

Claire Ellis says: "I would definitely recommend this hoodie to other breastfeeding mums because I think it is great for easy access to feed the baby and is discreet. With the zips that up and down on either side for easy access for which ever breastfeeding position you are comfortable in and it also zips at the bottom if the prefer to be more covered up."

Emily Hentley says: "The hoodie is so soft and comfortable I would recommend it regardless of the easy access for feeding. The zip access makes it even better. Plus I can twin with my baby! The only thing I would change is the length, I’m only 5ft 1 and the jumper is quite long on me but I understand that this would be more flattering for most people."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Yvette Adjei-Gyamfi says: "Yes I would choose this product over others as I like that it looks trendy and young. I find that often breastfeeding tops can look frumpy and not something you would normally wear. These are also available in range of colours which gives you options. I am yet to see other breastfeeding tops on the market with zip access!"

Hajra Begum says: "I would definitely choose this product as its helped me with making the whole baby feeding routine easy and its worked wonders rspecially when trying to sort a routine out its great as the material is easily guided and it helps It definately is a product worthy to receive an award with how it is and how it stands out."

Loubna Charkaoui says: "Most other breast feeding products I have tried have access on the underside of the breast. Having side zoos and access Tg is way was much better and more comfortable for my baby as he didn’t have lots of material hanging over his face. Very easy to use. Fun factor that it comes in matching baby hoodies. I love wearing them together."

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen Cuthill says: "I don't think there is a need for the pockets at the front. I wouldn't find them useful and style wise unnecessary for a woman who's got a mum tum - no need to draw attention to it. I think a sleeker finish would be a nicer way to finish off the top for both of us, and not take anything away from the outfits."

Claire Ellis says: "There isnt really much I would change about this hoodie because I think its really great but if I had to pick one thing I would choose to have zip pockets instead of the pockets on it now just for convenience of been a busy mum things fall out of the pockets occasionally but that is only a really minor issue. The hoodie is perfect for any breastfeeding mummy!"

Emily Hentley says: "The one thing I would change is the length of the hoodie it is quite long and as I’m only short it isn’t the most flattering. I would if possible reduce the length by a couple of inches as it would be better for me. Having said that I do love how soft and cozy it is and will definitely be a go to for us all winter."

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