Cow & Gate Follow-on milk review

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Cow & Gate Follow-on milk

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Cow & Gate Follow-on milk at a glance:

Cow & Gate Follow-on milk is enriched with key nutrients to support your little one's nutritional needs. Helping to complement their varied, balanced weaning diet, right up until they turn 1. Iron to support normal cognitive development, vitamin D and calcium for normal bone development and Omega-3.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kerry: My daughter enjoyed this milk, I found it worked well along the prep machine and was good value for money. It makes it easier by the fact you just scoop it in and away you go. The milk seemed to fill my daughter up for a good amount of time and didn’t make her sicky. I would buy this milk again, along side actimal which I use.

Louise: The milk itself is okay but unfortunately my baby didn’t take to it, I’m unsure as to why. My oldest liked the milk and was gutted when it was time to move onto cows milk. It’s a great product and very easy to use and they come in little travel bottles as well for if your out for the day. Would recommend to anyone who’s not yet decided on milk.

Tanya: It's a formula which our little girl likes and she has always taken her bottles since we have given her Cow and Gate. The formula is easy to make up as and when you need it, which is ideal when your baby is screaming for food there and then! You can also use it as a combination with breast feeding which we found ideal to sit our circumstances

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Louise: I would definitely recommend this product to other parents, it’s well made and packed in a nice colourful tub, it’s also one of the cheaper milks, which is pretty much sold in every shop you go in, so it’s very handy incase you run out. The directions are printed well and the helpline incase you have any questions.

Laura: No. There was nothing notable that makes this product stand out from others on the market., aside from the price The carton for example is the exact same packaging as Aptamil. Having said this, Cow and Gate is a a trusted and well known brand, and well trusted by consumers. If you have a few in the house the stack nicely on top of each other due to the design of the packaging.

Danielle: I would recommend this follow on milk because it is a trusted brand that I have previously used with another child. It is clear to see that it has great health benefits to aid her weaning journey. This milk has extra vitamins such as iron, calcium and vitamin d which would be difficult to ensure she was getting without it. The pack has easy to follow instructions and the packaging is well made with the scoop inside.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Tanya: Our little one has never not drunk a bottle when we have used this Cow and Gate formula. She seems to like it and it's easy to combine in to a formula and breast feeding routine which was ideal for our circumstances. It's good value for money which helps when there can be so many things to buy each month!

Alannah: No, mainly due to the price of the product. £8 a time for a tub of milk is quite expensive when your able to buy Mamia milk from ALDI for £4.70, almost half price. However, I would use this product over others, if it was cheaper. The design of the product is nice, and inviting to parents for their children.

Louise: Yes I would definitely choose this product and will continue to use it, I think it should win it does deserve to win, as it’s well packaged and the milk appears to look silky and creamy which the babies love. All baby milk is expensive, however I think this is one of the cheaper ones, which is definitely a huge bonus.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alannah: When scooping the milk into the boiling water, the steam makes half of the milk powder stick to the scoop, therefore it is impossible to give the correct amount of milk powder per bottle. This is the same with using any implement to add the milk powder. However I understand that this is a problem with most powders and not just Cow & Gate. Other than the price, this is the only thing I would improve.

Laura: I would like to see greater thought given to the environmental impact of the packaging, given the number of milk boxes consumed by each baby. For example, it is not necessary to receive a scoop with each box. Also, the boxes are a lot bigger than the amount of powder inside- could they be made smaller? Or could re-fil begs be produced to transfer into a carton at home to reduce waste?

Danielle: I like the bright packaging and the health benefits clearly labelled on the front. The only thing I would change about it is the price. As someone who could not breastfeed, milk for my baby has been very expensive - it is a necessity for the baby so they are aware that mums need it, and so it comes with a hefty price tag. I am happy with the product and my daughter likes it so we would keep everything the same.

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