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Close Pop-in Breast Pads

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These Close pop-in breast pads are very comfortable to use. They stay in place due to their contoured shape without any adhesive. They didn’t slip out of place or crease, and absorbed well.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: This product has made my life easier as they have given me protection from any leaks and embarrassment. Since using these I haven’t experienced any leaks of my milk onto my clothes. It has saved me using any disposable pads, as I can just wash these in the mesh bag provided and wear again and again, hence saving money also, which is a massive win whilst on maternity.

Lizz: These Close Pop-in Breast Pads are the best breast pads I’ve used. They equal the absorbability of the Lanisoh disposable pads (which is huge) but have the advantage of being better for the environment. They don’t crumple up like circle-shaped pads so they make breastfeeding in public much easier as I don’t have to go fishing down my top to find them after a feed! The teardrop shape also confirms to the breast better and makes them less obvious under a top. These are also a lot cooler (and therefore more comfortable) than disposable pads, and have been tested through the summer heatwave.

Elena: This is a great product! I love how comfortable the Close Pop-in Breast Pads are compared to disposable ones which can be itchy and scratchy on your skin. They are soft and very absorbent. The bag that they come in is useful to keep them together as well as for washing them safely. The reusable aspect makes them very desirable as you are not having to buy hundreds of disposable pads saving money and time two things which are important to any mums!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Gemma: Absolutely. When I had my first baby, I went through so many pairs of disposable breast pads which is really bad for the environment as you are disposing of the pad, the plastic wrap they come in and the box from each pack. Having these to use instead has been fantastic. It definitely eases the conscience but the quality of the pads is fantastic too. They're soft on the skin with no irritation, easy to pop in and out of your bra, easy to store at home or on the go in their discreet little bag and so easy to wash and dry ready for their next use. The price is great too. You pay roughly the same for top brand disposable breast pads where you only get 30 pairs that might last you two weeks to a month. These last so much longer and are much less of a faff to use.

Sophie: I would recommend this product to any mum or friend who is breastfeeding as these breast pads are fantastic. The shape of the Close Pop-in Breast Pads makes them so easy to use and they have a great absorbency. Invisible once in the bra which lots of mums worry about breast pads being visible. They are easy to wash just put them in the handy laundry bag and put in with the washing.

Jill: I would recommend this product to other mums. They are a good product, they're soft and comfortable, not causing any friction on your nipple. They do not saturate and increase in size as much as the disposable pads. As noted above they do not stick to your skin as the disposable ones do and they prevent your breast from getting sweaty when you are hot. I also think it is great that they are reusable instead of disposable. Although more expensive as an initial outlay for breast pads, they will save you money as you only need to buy once and then just pop in the asking machine.

Would you choose this product to win?

Caroline: I do like these Close Pop-in Breast Pads because they are thin. My baby is nearly 7 months now and I still leak when feeding but not as much as I did in the first few months. They hold a great amount but I'm not sure if they would have at the start. The milk dries in the Close Pop-in Breast Pads and still feel comfortable. I like to change mine once or twice throughout the day to stay fresh. I would recommend this product for low to medium leakage but not as high as I don't think they will hold it.

Sarah: I do think this product should win. I think they are more absorbing and slightly larger, which was good for my size. It's a good value for money getting three sets in a packet. They are lovely and soft, easy to wash and look brand new after washing. I highly rate this product.

Elena: I would definitely choose these pads over any disposal ones on the market- and I have nearly tried them all!! They are by far the comfiest and most absorbent I have tried. They are so convenient as you are not rushing around buying multiple pads - in turn saving you lots of money! Your waste as a parent is remarkably reduced and you don’t find used breast pads in your washing! One further benefit is that they are almost invisible when wearing them in a bra under a t-shirt - I thought as they are thicker and softer they may be visible under a tight top but this is not the case at all.

What changes would you make to this product?

Clare: I would change the price. They are more cost-effective and have less of an environmental impact than disposables but there are identical products on the market that are cheaper to buy. The contoured teardrop shape is a definite plus in comparison to flat circular reusable pads.

Lizz: I would consider a suedette backing to see if it could further reduce movement of the pad (although these pads move far less than others that I have tried.) I would also consider a dark or beige colour option to make them less obvious if they try to peek out the edge of a bra whilst wearing a dark top.

Jill: I think this is a very good product and extremely competitive in the current market. The only thing I would wish for is more pads in the pack. Although I do have to wash clothes frequently due to having a small baby, I occasionally would have to put on a half load of washing just so I could wash the pads. I do appreciate this would increase the cost however and I am sure the company would be reluctant to do that.

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