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These pop-in breast pads, from Close Parent, come packed in their own mesh laundry bag and are contoured to fit the natural contours of the breast, improving the fit and reducing visible lines.

With a unique 'seal to skin' binding the pad stays in place and reduces any chance of leaking, giving you peace of mind.

These Close Parent nursing pads are incredibly slim and are made up of three layers; next to the breast a fast-wicking polyester taking away the wetness from the skin, inside, the absorbent core is now made from bamboo viscose terry, and lastly there is a full layer of waterproof laminate.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Ashleigh Brough says: "These are the nicest most comfortable breast pads I have used, I completely forgot that I was wearing them! The pads work so well and they are so soft against your skin that it is so nice to wear them. I haven't had to worry about leaking or staining since I received these, there has been no worrying about it leaking through my clothes."

Michelle Campbell says: "I have milk oversupply and it is never a good look to leak through your clothes! These are easy to pop into your bra and feel lovely and soft. They are clearly good quality and well made. They stay in place well so less likely to get leaking and it is quicker and easier to use reusable breast pads than to be faffing around unwrapping single use breast pads to stick into your bra."

Brogan Cartwright says: "It makes my life easier as a mom because there’s less waste and it’s nice to knwo your doing more for the environment, there ridiculously soft and you forget your wearing them most of the time as they somewhat blend in and you don’t even realise there there, there very easy to wash and come out lovely once washed even softer than before! The pouch is also amazing."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Natalie Childs says: "I would 100% recommend for the pure fact of comfort and ease! No sticky tabs to remove - no foul smelling bins from disposal - it's so simple to pop in their net bag (provided) and wash as usual. They dont take ages to dry too which is an added bonus because in the early breastfeeding days you need to change pads more often, usually morning and overnight night - meaning you need to have your next washed pair ready. They have a nice fit and shape making it extra comfortable to wear in any bra."

Charlotte Deakin says: "I would recommend these breast pads to other mums as the material they are made from makes them so soft and means that they are super comfortable. The contour shape means that they stay in place and don’t scrunch up like disposables. They are also so much more environmentally friendly than disposables, and easy step to take to help the planet. As they are so thin they fit in my bra easily and don’t look bulky or visible through clothes."

Neena Jhalli says: "They are thin and discreet and good the environment. They wash really well and come In a cute storage bag. Having used disposable ones In the past I have them then annoyingly covered in lots of plastic and the good ones can be quite expensive considering I use these on a daily basis. I find that I need to change these less often."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Harriet Wykez says: "I would recommend the Reusable Breast Pads -3 Pairs above disposable breast pads. They even come in a washable bag so they’re safe in the washing machine. They wash so nice and soft too. There is other products in the category that I feel should win but this is a great contender. I just find other products more useful."

Natalia Yudina says: "It’s a high quality product that does an excellent job! They are nice on skin, discreet under my clothes with no visible lines under clothes and haven’t leaked through when I used them. I guess it’s a nightmare of every breastfeeding mum as leaking in the public can be quite embarrassing. The shape is perfect too: they mould around a breast which feels very natural and due to that they stay on the place. They keep shape after washing and dry rather quickly. Also I like the fact that they are reusable, so it’s kinder to the planet and less waste."

Ashleigh Brough says: "They are sustainably made, they feel great and they are hidden away. I had other breast pads that could be seen when I wore them, and they were terribly itchy, but I don't have any of those issues with these pads, they slot into your bra and away you go no issue. I just wish I had, had these from the beginning!"

What changes would you make to this product?

Michelle Campbell says: "The only thing I can think of is that it might be helpful to have a larger pack (I got three pairs in this pack). When wearing them day and night you get through them quickly and so I would be inclined to have more pairs so I didn’t get caught out if I hadn’t done my laundry quick enough! Other than that fab product."

Brogan Cartwright says: "I don’t think I woudl change a thing about them there oerfec the Packaging is lovely the pouch is lovely and inviting and they look super neat and smart there ridiculously soft and I don’t even realise im wearing them at all! That’s how soft they feel and they wash and dry amazing too! So it’s handy for on the go when your out."

Natalie Childs says: "There is nothing from the top of my head i can think which would make this product better. They are a reliable, essential item for any breastfeeding or pumping mother would need, and do exactly what their purpose is to do (to save us from those embarrassing leaky top moments!) All in all its a 10/10 from me!"

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