Chico Jack’s Breastfeeding Twinning Sets

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Chico Jack’s Breastfeeding Twinning Sets

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At a glance:

These Twinning sets have a flattering boat neck and 3/4 length sleeves. These tops are a wardrobe staple all year round and they compliment every shape and size. Made from gorgeous soft cotton with a hidden double zip allowing you to breastfeed discreetly and comfortably for both you and your baby. The tops come with matching tops for your little one (minus the zip for breastfeeding).

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Samantha: I have been breastfeeding for over five months. I have struggled to find tops that make feeding my son easy that aren’t shapeless and frumpy. I found these both practical and stylish. Whenever I wear this top I receive compliments about it. The sizing was very accurate and the top fitted perfectly. The material is very stretchy, which is good if you still have a bit of a baby belly. I initially had reservations about the zips being too rough next to my son. However, when the zips are open I found that they were nowhere near him.

Charlotte: I would definitely recommend the breastfeeding twinning set because it is great quality, stylish and makes breastfeeding in public a breeze! It's lovely that you can match with your baby. It is one of the most discreet feeding tops I have seen or used. The concealed zips are barely visible so you wouldn’t even know its a nursing top. The zips make access really easy whilst maintaining your modesty. It is very comfortable to wear, both tops are made of a nice soft material that washes really well and maintains its shape.

Eleanor: This makes breastfeeding in public very easy. The breast is easy to access with minimal flesh on display. It looks like normal clothing and goes with all basic clothing. There is no need to have a muslin or blanket to drape over which I am always forgetting to bring with me. This top makes breastfeeding in public fuss-free, subtle and comfortable.

How did this product make your life easier?

Layna: This product makes getting ready to feed my baby so much quicker with just a simple zip to allow easy access. The fact that the zip is double-ended and can be opened from both the left or the right means that I can easily change which side baby is feeding on without folds of material getting in the way.

Louise: This is my third breastfed baby and I had always just made do with normal clothing. These tops are fantastic and the hidden zip is a genius idea. It makes feeding while out and about so discreet. People don't even realise that we are feeding. I love the fact that my little one and I can match our outfits.

Mariana: As a breastfeeding mum this product has made my life a lot easier for me. I have no issues with breastfeeding in public but having a top that means easy access to my breasts without having them on show whilst feeding is a godsend. The fitting of the top was comfortable to wear all day and goes with most things I have in my wardrobe. I was already given a matching top for my little girl to wear which is adorable.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlotte: I really appreciate the simple design with the neat, concealed zip. You can continue wearing this top long after you finish feeding your baby. It washes well and is made of a comfortable material. There’s not a huge variety of breastfeeding specific clothing out there and I find that what is available, has excessive layers to move aside.

Samantha: I would choose this product above all others as the quality is second to none. The zip across the front is quick and easy to use. I love that you can choose how far you want the zip undone so you can be as discreet about feeding as you wish. The price point on this twinning set is affordable too. I love it.

Maria: I love this product and think it should win! The product is made with cotton which is something I look out for. I find cotton cooler and more breathable. It is a pleasure to find breastfeeding-friendly cotton clothing. An added bonus is that matching tops are available for your baby. I have the matching top and look forward to dressing my daughter in the top.

What changes would you make to this product?

Samantha: When you are rushing around with your baby, the zips can ride up from below the breast. They are still discreet, but I occasionally find myself pulling the top down. This does only happen occasionally. This is not a criticism and should not affect this products chance of winning an award.

Charlotte: I think this breastfeeding twinning set is great. I can't think of anything that I would change about either top. I had not heard of the company before I tested this set. They should perhaps advertise more so that mums can hear about the fantastic products they have to offer.

Eleanor: The only thing I would improve about this product would be a larger range of styles and colours. The company have an excellent, subtle and adaptable design for breast access. This could be adapted to work wear, formal wear and other styles of casual wear. In the hot weather, it would be great to have a lighter style of clothing for both mum and baby.

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