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Bshirt Lift the Flap

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Bshirt Lift the Flap breastfeeding vest means easy access to feeding your baby with no zips, ties or clips getting in the way. Feeding will now be easy, subtle and efficient when out and about.

How did this product make your life easier?

Leanne: I really like this Bshirt Lift the Flap top!! It is different from all other feeding tops I have had before. I have worn it so much. It makes breastfeeding in public so easy without feeling conscious. It is easy to access your boobs to feed your child. It also looks nice and is lightweight to wear in summer. I really love it.

Katherine: All breastfeeding tops make breastfeeding mums' lives easier! But this one jas an edge for me as it is super easy to use. No need to lift and move and struggle to adjust the top so you can get the nipple out for the baby. It is as simple as lifting the flap! And due to the design, it's easy to unclip a feeding bra in the same manoeuver as lifting the flap. It is much easier to be discreet than other tops I've used.

Joanne: With a winter baby I mostly wore this top under a big jumper but it allowed for easy access to breastfeed with no clips to undo. It was just a simple lift and no concern that I was ‘on show’ whilst feeding. Making sure I felt confident and covered was really important especially in those early days when less confident with breast feeding. Knowing that I would be covered once baby latched on was great as once baby was feeding I knew I would have no free hands to try and pull tops down/up any which way! To conceal any unwanted flesh!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Louise: I would recommend the Bshirt Lift the Flap as it is of a lovely quality, the material is soft and washes well. It is easily worn under other garments which increase its usefulness and make it more versatile. The lift the flap design makes breastfeeding discrete when out and about and also means you don’t have to lift your entire top-up.

Donna: I would recommend this product to other mums if the are looking for a good quality, stylishly designed product. You can obviously breastfeed while wearing it but I do feel that the flap area should be more stretchy and more forgiving when breastfeeding. It can feel a bit like you might tear it if you pull at it in a rush when trying to feed.

Katherine: I would recommend the Bshirt Lift the Flap to a fellow mum as it is a great quality feeding top that is discreet, comfortable and supportive. I really like that, unlike most feeding tops I've had it is more fitted, which suits its promotion (I am trying the vest top) of wearing under a different 'normal' top. I lost my baby weight quicker the second time around and this top has a little give around the stomach area but the chest and waist fitted so lovely. I felt feminine again instead of feeling like I was hiding under a sheet! It washes really well I've worn it quite a bit and it has been through the wash several times and still looks as good as when it was delivered. The holes under the flap are perfectly positioned and are a good size for feeding. It is a fantastic top and you can really tell it's made by experienced breastfeeders for breastfeeders. The bottom of the flap isn't loose and obvious it is discreet and stays flat to the body.

Would you choose this product to win?

Gemma: I would choose this product again. I’ve loved wearing it and would love to have it in different colours. The downside is the price, as I feel £19.99 is quite expensive for a vest top. The quality and material, as well as the usability, do make it more appealing despite the price. It’s perfect for layering under other tops. What I like less about the top is that I feel it looks very obviously like a nursing top, due to how the flap gapes slightly from the top. That has put me off wearing it by itself at times, however, the sheer convenience of the design has generally over-ruled this because frankly, ease of use is much more of a priority for me when out and about.

Nicola: The product is a nice product and I loved its presentation but I didn’t find it preferable to use over a cheaper standard vest top which I would pull down and/ or a baggier top of some description. I did try it out in the summer as a feeding top alone and felt quite exposed which I don’t when I use other tops. It’s a nice top to use with a scarf to provide more discrete cover or to wear with a cardigan to provide some shield from complete public view or to even wear underneath another top but then I would resent paying nearly £30 for a vest top that is barely seen. I feel some of my other nursing tops offer more privacy and make me feel more confident in feeding in public.

Louise: I would choose this product but feel the design is a little ‘mummsy’. The lace panel at the bottom of the flap makes it almost seem like it should be worn as an undergarment and makes the fact that it is breastfeeding attire obvious. Perhaps without the lace, it would be more discrete and not show as much under other garments.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: The only thing I would comment (and it is just a personal preference) is that I didn't like the lace detail on the Bshirt Lift the Flap - some women will love it but I personally didn't so I believe you should offer a choice on this to give your customer options. Something as small as this little detail might put a woman off wanting to wear this top when its an extremely good product so I think that is something to consider. The products are quite casual and you could look at offering pieces that cater for special occasion wear.

Leanne: I don't think I would change anything. I have worn it both tucked into bottoms and left out over leggings as it is a good length, maybe it could be slightly longer to cover the bum fully. Otherwise, I think it's a great design and would definitely buy another of these with my own money I love it that much.

Katherine: The only thing I would change about this top is the lace trim on the bottom of the 'flap'. It is not to my personal taste and initially made me feel like I would be wearing underwear. But I forced myself to go out in it and felt comfortable, so although my style would be without the lace trim, (maybe an alternative) it has absolutely no impact on a great top!

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