Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra review

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bravado silk seamless nursin bra

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The Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is the ultimate seamless, comfortable experience. It is the perfect everyday, at home, on-the-go, anytime nursing bra. The luxuriously soft fabric moulds to your changing shape, so that you can wear it throughout pregnancy and into your nursing journey.

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Here’s how our mums reviewed the nursing bra...

How did this product make your life easier?

Tanya Chambers says: "This bra is very easy to unclip in order to breastfeed. Its made with soft material so can be easily maneuvered during feeding so you can be comfortable. It is also comfortable to wear due to no underwiring which enables me to move freely and easily despite swollen breasts. There are multiple hooks on the back so you can find the best size setting for you."

Joanna Combeer says: "The bra was easy to fit and the nursing clips, sturdy and well designed, they clip into place and are easy to undo, yet stay done up and don't snap open when you are not feeding. The design is good, the top of the bra is not too high so not seen beneath tops and the design gives a nice shape and lift. I had the pink coloured one which was almost nude in colour but has kept its colour when washed and still looks pretty- which sometimes the nude ones don't. Very soft and comfortable"

Stephanie Crann says: "This bra is so so comfy, the clips are really easy to undo & do back up again. I used this through being pregnant aswell and was so much more comfortable than other bras i had been wearing. Super soft and super stretchy plus ease of use for feeding what more could you need the clips feel really secure."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Charlotte Deakin says: "I would definitely recommend this nursing bra to other mums as it is super soft and really comfortable to wear. The removable pads are really good and give the cups a good shape. The clips are strong so there’s no chance of the straps falling down, and the whole bra feels really supportive. I love that the bra can be adjusted to a normal bra after you’ve finished breast feeding, and the steps to do this look quite straightforward."

Samantha Gibbons says: "I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend. I would tell them to forget about cheaper alternatives and invest in this quality bra. It is the perfect everyday nursing bra and features no underwire or itchy seams. Despite the lack of underwire your breasts do not look saggy. It gives me a nice shape under my clothes as opposed to other bras which can make me look frumpy. The material it’s made of is super soft and you can feel that this is a quality product. The material also stretches and adapts well to the changing size of my breast between feeds. It never feels small or uncomfortable. The clips of the bra are made of a nice thick plastic and don’t feel cheap and likely to break. They are also easy to undo and reattach one handed, which is important for any breastfeeding mum. The bra also washes well and really importantly for any busy mum, dries quickly. The cup inserts also do not lose their shape or get nasty creases in the wash."

Leila Hill says: "This product is very comfortable and the material is very sensitive to delicate/painful nipples. The fabric is also perfect for the breast pads to stick to. As a large breasted woman, I find this product incredibly supportive. I can see myself wearing this bra long after I have stopped breast feeding due to the lovely shape it gives."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Elizabeth Laird says: "I would choose this product as a nursing bra. It is seamless so gives a nice shape under clothing. It is very comfortable to wear and gives excellent support. The clips are easily detached and reattached and can be done so one-handed. They are also very secure and do not come unattached on they’re own."

Iysha Mackenzie says: "I would choose this product above all others on the market because it is great quality and has lasted well. It is good value for money and it looks really nice both on its own and under clothes. It’s so comfortable that I was able to sleep in it and use it for extra support in the early days when my breasts were quite uncomfortable and I was pumping a lot through the night."

Aimee Procter-Leese says: "I think this product should win in this category as its design and functionality are great, the fit and material is really comfortable. The range of colours and sizes are great too as well as it being good value for money as it is a really well made product that you know will last for many feeding sessions."

What changes would you make to this product?

Tanya Chambers says: "This bra comes in small, medium and large sizes. There is a chart on the back to convert your bra and cup size. According to the packaging a 32DD is a small. I found this to be quite tight at the top and the circle shaped removable pads didnt quite cup the way i would have wanted. I think i would have been better suited to a medium size."

Joanna Combeer says: "The pads, (which are removable) are easy to replace after washing as they are round, unlike other nursing bras, and this has meant they have kept there shape, but also much easier to get back into place. The design is nice and simple but would be nice with some lace or detail along eh cleavage, as if is seen below the top (as nursing bras do sit quite high) would be better if had some nice detail"

Stephanie Crann says: "If I could change anything about the Bravado Designs, Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, would like the removable padding not to move and fold over every time I unclip my bra for a feed. That said you can remove the padding so its not a big deal but can be annoying if you wanted padding in the bra or arent comfortable without."

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