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BABYGO® Nursing Pillow

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From feeding sessions to precious bonding moments, the BABYGO® Nursing Pillow is a heavenly oasis of comfort for you and your baby.

A premium and plump filling for optimal cushioning and incline to help assist breastfeeding mums latch and reduce reflux, promoting better swallowing and digestion for bottle fed babies.

Maximise your little ones comfort with BABYGO® cooling technology! Our super soft fabric helps to promote temperature regulation, and prevent overheating.

BABYGO® Nursing Pillow
Price: £29.95


  • Super soft
  • Lots of colour choice


  • Design may fade after wash


BABYGO® Nursing Pillow

The BABYGO® Nursing Pillow won Silver in the Mother&Baby Awards 2024 for Best Product for Breast Feeding.

BABYGO® Nursing Pillow key features

  • Premium plump filling

  • Super soft cooling cover

  • BABYGO® cooling technology

  • Washable cover

Testing the BABYGO® Nursing Pillow

Enhanced Bonding: The close proximity and comfort the nursing pillow provides can help foster a stronger bond between the mother and the baby, promoting a more relaxed and enjoyable feeding experience. Reduced Strain: The ergonomic design of the nursing pillow reduces the strain on your arms and back, making feeding sessions more comfortable and potentially decreasing the risk of physical discomfort or pain. Multi-Purpose Use: The versatility of the nursing pillow means you'll get more value for your investment. It can be used during different stages of your baby's development, from infancy to sitting up. Hygiene and Maintenance: The easy-to-clean covers contribute to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your baby. This is particularly important during the early stages when hygiene is a top concern. Posture Support: Proper positioning during feeding is crucial for the comfort of both the baby and the mother. A nursing pillow helps ensure optimal alignment and support. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this nursing pillow to any friend or fellow mom. Its combination of comfort, versatility, ease of use, and hygiene maintenance make it an essential tool for a more enjoyable and relaxed breastfeeding experience, both at home and on the go.

There was a good selection of prints for the cover which can be removed for washing. The cover is soft and feels nice to touch. It came vacuum packed in a small box which was convenient. The BABYGO® Nursing Pillow can be used for a few different things and in different positions. It does take up quite a lot of space though.

First impression of product was it arrived compact and unfolded very quickly. I enjoyed how soft and comfortable it was to use, as did my baby. I felt it was lightweight and easy to move around. I enjoyed the design and it was easy to wash if it ever got dirty. Selling points- lightweight, soft, comfortable, product had multiple uses, supportive of back when holding baby

I wasn’t sure a nursing pillow was necessary, but I have used this all the time. It makes feeding a lot more comfortable for bubba and me. I love the design in black & white as it means my baby can enjoy looking at the shapes and patterns. The pillow is a great size to move around the house and also doubles up as a neck cushion for Mum in the car! I would recommend this for bottle and breastfeeding mums

It has helped me to solve my back problem when I was breastfeeding, because I never had a good position. I really like to use it. my big baby also likes to lay back on it, also now it's summer because it has fine and cool material. I would definitely recommend it to any mom. the truth quality price is well worth it

I used the BABYGO® Nursing Pillow from when my little one was only a few days old, up until now when she 15 weeks. This pillow helps save my back and shoulder by supporting the baby at a good height to breastfeed and stopping me from sitting or slouching awkwardly. It is a perfect size to go over my lap and fits snugly around my sides (I am a size 14-16) I did find that the cooling material used was a little slippery when using it with a newborn baby. However, as she has got bigger this was not an issue as she didn’t seem to slide as much. This pillow is very soft, yet supportive. Both myself and my little one find it comfortable to use. I have also started using it to add extra support when doing tummy time – I started using it for this at around 12 weeks as the pillow is quite high up for a smaller baby to stretch over.

Final thoughts

The BABYGO® Nursing Pillow is soft and comfortable for breastfeeding and resting with a baby. The pillow is designed to support the mother's back, neck, and arms. This pillow also provides support to help babies learn to sit for the first time. Make your tummy time more enjoyable with the BABYGO® Nursing pillow.

Full product spec

  • 1 x Nursing Pillow

  • 1 x Cover

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