ASDA Maternity 25 Breast Milk Storage Bags review

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ASDA Maternity 25 Breast Milk Storage Bags

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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If you're looking to store expressed breast milk, ASDA Maternity 25 Breast Milk Storage Bags are the perfect solution! Each storage bag is sterilised and has a stable base, allowing you to stand it upright. They also have a double seal so there is no worrying about any leakage.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: These ASDA Maternity 25 Breast Milk Storage Bags are fantastic and have made expressing so much easier! These bags are great for storing my milk without having to use up all of my bottles and sterilise them all the time. These bags are pre-sterilised and fitted onto my existing breast pump so I was able to pump directly into the bag and put it in the fridge straight away, it's so easy and convenient! They also store 8 oz which is more than other bags I've used that only allow for 6 oz which is great as you don't use up your bags so quickly and you can store larger amounts at one time. It also provides a handy tab to record the date and time you expressed your milk so you can easily keep a track of storage dates.

Hazel: Milk storage bags are great for using when expressing breast milk and storing in the fridge or freezer. These ASDA Maternity 25 Breast Milk Storage Bags are great as they are pre-sterilised and also have a really easy tear-off strip to open up. The milk is safely stored meaning it can be transported easily and stored without the need for lots of spare bottles.

Phillipa: These milk bags do exactly what they say on the tin. They have a secure double lock that ensures that the precious milk is kept safe inside the pouch. The measurements are clear and in a large font. I found this really handy when storing the milk and quickly grabbing a bag from the freezer. The bags come ready sterilised so there's no need to worry about getting out the steriliser and are thrown away after use.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Amy: I would recommend the ASDA Maternity 25 Breast Milk Storage Bags to breastfeeding mums as they are so good for the price, they come pre-sterilised, and you can freeze or put in the fridge. I haven't had any leaks which is fantastic as it takes a while for me to express, so I don't want to waste any of my milk! The bags also feel strong and not too flimsy.

Katie: I would recommend this product to any fellow breastfeeding mums so it easily enables them to freeze and feed baby from the bottle with their own milk. The top enables you to pour the milk very easily into the bag without it spilling. They are very slim and also made of thick plastic so very durable to use in the freezer.

Alexia: It is a good priced product for storing expressed breastmilk that does exactly the same thing as the other well-known brands on the market for a cheaper price without compromising on quality. Also, the information provided on the packaging for use and guidance over the storage of breastmilk all in one place which the other brands do not provide.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rhiannon: No, I would not choose the ASDA Maternity 25 Breast Milk Storage Bags over all others on the market. They don't seem as good quality as other brands but are still the same price. They may seem cheaper per box but that's because they come in a pack of 25 rather than the usual 50. I found the edges ripped when I first opened them making them leak at the top.

Rebecca: Although there are many breastmilk storage bags available on the market I feel that these are worth the win. For starters, they are more reasonably priced than other brands which is a big factor for parents I believe as there's so much expense involved when you have a child and every penny counts! I think the fact that these bags allow you to store 8 oz in every bag is something that makes these stand out against competitors who mostly only have the capacity for 6 oz. This makes the Asda bags even more cost-effective as you have to use fewer bags! I also liked that the lettering on the bags is in a really bold print which makes it very easy to read the measurements.

Amy: I would choose this product as the writing is so clear on them and easy to read when full of milk. I love how they come in a Ziplock bag as they all stay together. They are really easy to seal and also stand upright when full which is great to prevent spillage. They also have space to write the date and for any notes so I know when I have done each bag.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alexia: Only providing bags of one size means a lot of wasted space if only a small amount is expressed or only a small amount is wanted to be stored for smaller bottle amounts. By providing a choice of sizes this could reduce the amount of space wasted when not full/ reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic used.

Phillipa: The one problem I find with this product is that is a single-use plastic pouch. In today's current climate for helping the environment, we choose to use cloth nappies and wipes and it is frustrating to have so far use pouches. If the product could be changed to last for more than one use, I would definitely prefer it.

Hazel: The base of the product is too flimsy. When expressing and storing milk the most important thing for me is that I don’t spill any! However, unlike other brands that have a thicker, reinforced base that allows the bag to stand up, these do not and as a consequence, I think there is a real danger of spilling the milk.

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