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by Stephanie Spencer |
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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on the SKODA KAMIQ.

The most compact member of the SKODA SUV family, the KAMIQ is a stylish SUV which is as at home in the city as it is on country roads. Combining a sporty look and clever tech with great MPG, the KAMIQ comes loaded with features, making it more than a means of transport.

From the school run to family road trips you'll count the days until your next adventure with the SKODA KAMIQ.

Find out what our testers thought here...

What did you think to the look/feel/comfort of the SKODA KAMIQ?

Kim C: The overall look of the car when it got delivered was really impressive and I couldn’t wait to drive the car. The colour was really striking and I thought the KAMIQ really suited the vibrant colour. It showed off all the amazing sleek features of the car and had the wow factor. Inside the car was lots of room, which is great to store everything you have to take with a baby. My daughter's car seat and Isofix installed with ease in the back and I had room to move my chair back and not touch the seat. The seats were really comfortable to sit in whilst driving as they curved around you slightly. The functions were also really easy to use, particularly the GPS and the headlights were great when driving at night.

Kim RH: The seats were really supportive and comfortable, even on longer drives I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. My older child even commented on how he’d be happy to travel long distance in this. The sporty trim really takes it to that next level, beyond what you think of when you think SUV.


How did you find the SKODA KAMIQ to drive?

Kim C: I've recently changed to an automatic and found this really easy to drive, it was handy knowing which gear I was in as the initials were displayed on the dashboard so I could quickly glance and see. The car felt smooth to drive had and a good acceleration and the LED lights at night added to the safety of the car.

Kim RH: The KAMIQ was a pleasure to drive, I found it really smooth and easy on both tight urban turns and winding rural roads. I even found myself looking forward to getting in it.

How did the practicality of the SKODA KAMIQ work for you and your family?

Kim C: The boot allowed me to fit my Joie pram in and still have room at the front and on top to store other items for example our changing bag. There was good room to install our Isofix car seat and load leg easily and transfer the seat in and out of the car.

Kim RH: The Isofix was one of the easiest I’ve ever used through my years of parenting, the large sunroof made a real difference to the feel of the car and made it feel even bigger than it was. The boot space was more than enough for our family of four and the back seats felt spacious when the car seats were in.

kamiiq skoda

What were your favourite features of the SKODA KAMIQ?

Kim C: My favourite feature was the display screen, it was really impressive and made the car feel expensive. Being able to glance at the sat nav and it be displayed on a large screen was great too. It felt like the car was my co-pilot!

Kim RH: How easy the Isofix was to use, the supportive seats, the sunroof and the map on the speedo when using the sat nav made for an even more relaxed journey. I was also really surprised how powerful the car felt for the engine size.

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