What is a Yoto Player?

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Yoto Players have been taking the parenting world by storm. If you've been wondering, 'What is a Yoto Player?' you're not alone. Here at Mother&Baby, we have done all the research work and will be exploring what Yoto is and why you need one.

So, what is it?

The Yoto is a cube audio device. Think audible but in a sweet child-friendly robotic listening device. It has been designed specifically for children but with the happiness of parents in mind. It's very simple to use. Your child can turn it on, and up pops a happy pixelated face.

One of the key purposes of a Yoto Player is to act as a storyteller for your child. Unlike alternatives on the market, there are no adverts, hidden subscriptions, or pop-ups - and we just love it. The Yoto has a simple slot where your child can easily insert a story card to listen to a story. It is incredibly child friendly and can be operated without parental assistance.

How does it work?

Your child slots in the card they want to listen to, and the Yoto brings it to life with narration, songs or rhymes. If you want to stop the card, just pull out the physical card, then to continue listening, reinsert the card - it is super simple.

You can buy the cards from Yoto directly and on Amazon. There is a huge array of books, from childhood classics to Peppa Pig and the Paw Patrol. Most recently, Yoto has even launched a Baking With Yoto collection, which allows you and your child to follow simple recipes through your Yoto device.

When your tot has finished listening, remove the card, and the Yoto will display the time in standby mode. You can turn the device onto its front, where it will act as a nightlight - we love that you can even change the colours via the app. Plus, the light can be turned on or off by an adult from the comfort of your smartphone.

The Yoto app also stores all of your stories, so that your child can listen to them on the go via your phone. We adore that you can Yoto on the go.

If that wasn’t enough, youngsters can tune in to free daily content, including a children’s radio and podcast; however, you must be connected to the internet for this feature to work.

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Where can I get a Yoto Player?

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