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There are so many wonderful Christmas gifts fo babies and toddlers, but something that can make Christmas extra special is a personalised Christmas book for kids.

Cuddling up with a classic children's book can be such a special moment, especially around Christmas time when the season feels magical. With a personalised Christmas book for children, you can add to the Christmas magic by enjoying a story with your child that feels personal to them.

Best personalised Christmas books at a glance:

Best first personalised Christmas book: First Christmas For You - buy here at Wonderbly.
Best elf personalised Christmas book: The Elf Who Saved Christmas - buy here at Wonderbly.
Best personalised Christmas books about kindness: Christmas Kindness for You - buy here at Wonderbly.

From being the star of the book to featuring as a heroic elf, these personalised Christmas books also make wonderful personalised gifts too. But be quick! Christmas delivery ends on December 19th for Wonderbly, so if you want them for Christmas 2023, you need to order now!

Best first personalised Christmas book

Available in four festive colours, you'll also be able to choose between two different titles - 'First Christmas For You' or 'Christmas For You' for slightly older children. You can then add in your child's name and pick their illustrated character to appear in the story itself. It's truly magical.

One review said: "The pictures are magical! I can’t wait to bring the magic of Christmas to my grandchildren." Another wrote: "After we read this wonderful story, my 3-year-old told me that now it really feels like Christmastime."

Suitable for ages:Newborn+
Dimensions:22 x 22cm

Best personalised Christmas book adventure

With 32 wonderful pages of Christmas adventure, the Christmas Adventure Personalised Book has their name, birthday, hometown and the option to include up to three of their friends, family members, pets and more! Their name appears throughout, and you can even include a personal dedication on the first page.

One review said: "Beautiful story that made my grandchildren really feel as though they were part of the story." Another wrote: "My brother had this book when we were kids and I just purchased it for his 4 year old son. Everything was accurate and very nostalgic. Quick turnaround time and fast shipping."

Suitable for ages:2+ years
Dimensions:16 x 22cm

Best personalised Christmas Eve book

The Your Night Before Christmas book is a magical journey that makes the perfect Christmas Eve book. Help the fairy find the letters of your child's name for their Christmas stocking! It has three cover colour choices to choose from, and you can choose a character who looks similar to your little one.

One review said: "Enchanting illustrations and a delightful story - the perfect holiday keepsake!" Another wrote: "I'd recommend this book to anyone looking to add a touch of magic to their little one's Christmas."

Suitable for ages:1 to 6 years
Dimensions:21 x 30cm

Best personalised Christmas book with multiple personalistion options

Great for families with multiple children, you can personalise this Personalised Christmas Eve Book with up to four different names plus add in a town or city. You can also add names to the pre-set dedication.

One review said: "The book is beautiful. I cannot wait to give this to my children on Christmas Eve and to see their faces reading their own names."

Suitable for ages:6+ months
Dimensions:21 x 21cm

Best personalised Christmas wish book

A cute story which teaches children about making friends, respecting the earth, learning new things and believing in yourself. Along with their name, you can also choose from a range of different characters to best suit your child.

One review said: "Lovely personalised book! The story, artwork and overall service was amazing. Thank you! Another wrote: "Love the book! My little girl has a unique name so having something personalised for her is the best."

Suitable for ages:Birth to 6 years
Dimensions:21 x 25cm

Best elf personalised Christmas book

The Elf Who Saved Christmas

Suitable for ages:Birth to 8 years
Dimensions:21 x 29cm

Best search for Santa personalised Christmas book

Your little one will love spotting Santa hiding on each page as they follow the magical story. The Personalised Search For Santa Book takes children on a magical Christmas Eve adventure, where they travel to the North Pole in search of Santa.

One review said: "The book is beautiful and such a cute story! Really looking forward to reading it to my little boy!" Another wrote: "Love this book and hope my grandson does too! Will buy more as the others get older!"

Suitable for ages:2+ years
Dimensions:21 x 25cm

Best personalised Christmas book about kindness

The Christmas Kindness for You is a beautiful story that helps teach children the true meaning of the Christmas season. They'll learn all about the importance of being caring, gentle, thoughtful and kind this Christmas. It has beautiful illustrations throughout the book too.

One review said: "This story really supports kindness as a trait that kids should have." Another wrote: "
Love the powerful message and personalised approach of this book."

Suitable for ages:Birth to 3 years
Dimensions:23 x 23cm

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