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We all know that the benefits of reading children's books to and with your baby are humongous but there’s something to be said for introducing your little one to cloth books too. Rather than helping them to read, a cloth book (typically made of cloth or polyester) is suitable right from birth and is a fantastic tool that helps to develop babies sensory skills.

Usually brightly coloured or in black and white, studies have found that high contrast baby books help stimulate development in the retina and the optic nerve, activating your tot's brain. The pages of cloth books for babies have different textures and features such as mirrors that encourage their curiosity. Plus, because cloth books are soft and non-toxic, you won’t need to worry about your child attempting to gnaw or rip them.

The best cloth books at a glance:

•Best for sensory play: beiens Soft Toys Baby Cloth Book - View offer on Amazon
•Best for machine washing: Jo & Nic's Crinkly Cloth Books Crinkly Newspaper - View offer on Kidly
•Best for wet play: Colour Me Bath Book - View offer on Amazon

If you're after a cloth book for your baby, you're in luck! We've got eight fantastic options for you to choose from. Check them out below.

The best cloth books for babies

Best for sensory play

Price: £10.99


Available in three different themes: jungle, farm and rainforest, this is a part cloth book, part

Best for a multipack

Price: £16.99


You'll get six cloth books for your child in this sweet set. Each one introduces a different

Best for machine washing


Introducing your baby's first newspaper from Jo & Nics's Crinkly Cloth Books! The cover looks just

Best for interactivity


Featuring a carrying handle on the side which makes it easy to attach to a stroller or carseat,

Best for contrast

Price: £12.49


This cloth baby book is equipped with 6 high contrast colours, 9 different patterns and 1

Best for teething

Price: £16.99


This beautifully illustrated and crinkle filled activity book has a high contrast side which can

Best for wet play


Rrp: £10.99

Price: £10.11
Alternative retailers
Waterstones£10.99View offer


A cloth book with a difference, this soft-touch padded book can be taken into the bath where you

Best for being soft


This soft cloth book is portable and lightweight, making it easy for small hands to hold and turn

Can cloth books for babies be washed?

Although you should always check the instructions beforehand, the majority of cloth books can indeed be washed, either by hand or by popping in the washing machine, ensuring they are as clean as possible. They can then be air dryed.

What age is suitable for cloth books?

Seeing as they're designed for babies, most cloth books (just like board books) are suitable from birth all the way up until toddlerhood/ They are also ideal for children with learning difficulties or disabilities, due to the sensory aspect.

To make sure your child will have maximum engagement with the book, be sure to find options that are brightly coloured with plenty of contrast, and look for material that's soft but crinkles.

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