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Yoto Player story cards

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Bringing stories to life, the Yoto Player has loads of Yoto player story cards, from the Gruffalo and Friends Collection to the Disney Classics Collection, that your children will love to listening to during the day at even at bedtime.

Children always ask for just one more children's book at bedtime, but with a Yoto story card, you'll be able to read one book to them and let them fall asleep listening to another story.

Not only are they great for stories, but they also play songs, games and educate. With a range of different themes, you can bringing learning and your child's favourite books to life. There are even Yoto cards for toddlers and older children.

Best Yoto Player story cards at a glance:

Best Yoto Player story cards bundle: Yoto Player + Gruffalo and Friends Collection Bundle - buy here on Amazon.
Best long running time Yoto Player story cards: Yoto Disney Pixar Audio Collection by Disney - buy here on Amazon.
Best Yoto Player story cards for the whole family: The Phizz-Whizzing Collection by Roald Dahl - buy here on Amazon.

If you are already sold on Yoto, you may be wondering which card to purchase next. With so many options, it can be difficult to know what one your child will enjoy. We have hand-picked the best Yoto Player story cards, that children and parents adore.

Best Yoto Player story cards bundle

If you haven't already purchased a Yoto Player, this Yoto Player + Gruffalo and Friends Collection Bundle is for you. We love that this bundle includes a Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler card selection, including one of our favourite stories, The Gruffalo and other beloved tales like Room on the Broom, Monkey Puzzle and more.

Review: "I am very impressed with the Yoto Player. It's sturdy and robust which is a must as I care for two autistic children with global development delay, its ease of use is also a real help. The sound quality is excellent and the book titles are really good, and it's so nice to get the kids engaged in something other than screens whilst developing their imaginations. I love the extra features such as the night light and the sleep timer which has given us precious extra sleep in the morning, I always struggled to set the grow clock, the Yoto is far more user-friendly. I would highly recommend this for all children under eight and especially for special needs children of any age."

Best Disney Yoto Player story cards

Best Yoto Player story cards Yoto Disney Classics Collection: Volume 1 by Disney
Price: $39.99
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Are you a Disney lover? If the answer is yes, you're sure to enjoy the Yoto Disney Classics Collection: Volume 1 by Disney, along with your little one. This pack includes Frozen, 101 Dalmatians, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, Dumbo and Sleeping Beauty.

Total running time: 3 hours 37 mins.

Mum tester, Hannah James, said: "In my home we love Disney. We listen to our Yoto Player at least a few times a week. My son really enjoys listening to Frozen. However, some of the stories in this set are probably better for a slightly older child. The language, the story structure and length can be difficult for a pre-schooler."

Best Peppa Yoto Player story cards

Of course, Peppa had to be featured in our favourite Yoto story cards list. Your child will love listening to the Yoto Peppa Pig: At Home with Peppa stories. It is a great option for parents trying to cut down on their child's screen time. This engaging card will keep your tot entertained for one hour.

Total running time: 1 hour.

Mum tester, Hannah James, said, "My children love watching Peppa Pig on the telly. The love listening to the Peppa Pig album in the car. So it's only natural that this is one of their favourite Yoto cards. This is one of my son's favourite cards to listen to in his mini Yoto Player."

Best long running time Yoto Player story cards

Best Yoto Player story cards
Price: $44.99
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Another Disney card set that has made our short list of the best Yoto Player cards is the Disney Pixar set. It has been hailed by Amazon shoppers as one of the best sets for children, and we're not surprised with stories like Toy Story, Brave, Up, Soul, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. featured. Your child can join Buzz, Sully and Nemo on their next adventure.

Total running time: 13 hours and 17 minutes.

Review: "I love everything about the Yoto Player. I got Ratatouille as part of their amazing Yoto Club and I just HAD to buy the rest of the Pixar collection. Ratatouille has been a hit with our 4 year old who has listened to it every night since receiving it. This is a bargain too as you are effectively getting two for free!"

Best Yoto Player story cards for the whole family

Roald Dahl is arguably one of the greatest storytellers for children in the 20th century. The Phizz-Whizzing Collection by Roald Dahl features a selection of six stories of the author's most loved tales. This pack includes The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, George's Marvellous Medicine, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda and The Twits. Children and parents alike will enjoy listening to these tales. We love ending the day listening to Roald Dahl's stories. 

Total running time: 17 hours

One customer said: "My six-year-old absolutely loves listening to these classic Road Dahl stories on his Yoto Player, they are brought to life brilliantly. Well worth the money, especially with the listening time of each story which altogether provides hours and hours of entertainment."

Best Yoto Player story cards

If you already have a Yoto Player, but still want the Julia Donaldson cards, fear not. The Yoto Player Gruffalo and Friends Collection by Julia Donaldson can be bought separately from the Player itself. This fabulous set includes The Gruffalo, The Smartest Giant in Town, Monkey Puzzle, Room on the Broom, Charlie Cook's Favourite Book and The Snail and The Whale.

Total running time: 2 hours

Mum tester, Hannah James, said, "My children really enjoy stories by Julia Donaldson, so this set was always going to be a hit in our home. I love the ease of letting them choose and put in a story card after a long hard day. I often find that I am enjoying listening to the stories just as much as they do. After the story is finished, we briefly discuss what the story was about and I am always so amazed at how well my four-year-old has followed the audiobook."

Best phonics Yoto Player story cards

Your little one will learn the world of phonics with the Yoto Player Phonics: Letters and Sounds: Phase 1. Phonics is an essential part of language learning and gives kids the ability to speak and spell with confidence. This set includes interactive exercises that engage pre-schoolers to associate letters and words with speech.

Total running time: 1 hour 15 minutes

One buyer said: "I got these cards and used them to record myself reading a favourite book to my child. It was great! She listens to it all the time. I wanted to have my parents each read a story for my daughter as a keepsake. My dad passed suddenly before he could do it. Biggest regret of my life. It would have been so wonderful to have papa’s voice saved for us."

Best Yoto Player story cards dinosaur collection

The Yoto Player The Dinosaur That Pooped Collection features five stories. Tom Fletcher is one of our favourite children's authors as he encompasses fun and excitement in all his stories. This set is sure to have your tot laughing aloud as he follows the cheeky adventures of Danny and Dinosaur.

Total running time: 43 minutes

Review: "I pooped with excitement. I joke of course but we love this collection of books so these cars are combining two of our favourite things Yoto and the tales of the pooping Dino"

Best musical Yoto Player story cards

Best Yoto Player story cards Yoto Player MY FIRST CLASSICAL MUSIC COLLECTION
Price: $34.99
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Your Yoto Player isn't just a bedtime toy. Yoto has a large selection of musical cards that can be used to liven up your day and make mundane tasks a bit more enjoyable. As a family, we often pop on our Yoto music cards when tidying up. In this pack, your child will be introduced to the wonderful world of classical music with composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and more.

Total running time: 13 hours

Review: "I ended up splitting the set between my kids. My youngest got the piano and violin music and my oldest got the others. My four-year-old plays the Flight Of The Bumble Bee on the piano card OVER AND OVER again, and my daughter loves the ballet and lullaby cards. I think they really covered a LOT of great composers and music for a beginner's set and I would recommend this set to anyone trying to broaden their children’s musical palette or just looking for something calming for them to listen to."

Best engaging Yoto Player story cards

Who's in your audiobook is a version of Tom Fletcher's There's a Dragon in Your Book. This set follows different characters from a dragon to a monster and even a cheeky elf. This interactive story will be sure to cause some laughter.

Total running time: 41 minutes

Mum tester, Hannah James, said, "When I ask what book should we listen to this evening, my four-year-old will always choose this one. I can see why. It's full of character and encourages children to immerse themselves in the world of make-believe. It's wonderful to see my son engaging so well with it. We have the physical version of the book, and I was slightly apprehensive about how this would work. But in my opinion, it's even better."

Best Spider-Man Yoto Player story cards

Best Yoto Player story cards Yoto Player MARVEL 5 MINUTE STORIES: SPIDER-MAN STORIES
Price: $9.99

If your child is a fan of superheroes or, more specifically, Spider-Man, they'll love the Yoto Player Marvel 5 Minute Stories: Spinder-Man. This story card follows the story of how Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man.

Total running time: 28 minutes

Mum tester, Hannah James, said, "My son is crazy about Spider-Man. He loves listening to this tale but rarely gets to the end of the card. I think that is because the narrator has a very soothing and deep voice, which often helps to drift my little one off to sleep."

Best Yoto Player story cards for introducing another language

If you want to introduce your child to languages but aren't sure where to begin, Canta Con Sonia could be the card for you. Yoto offers a huge selection of language cards, which can help to teach your little one how to become bilingual or, at the very least, pick up a few useful phrases. 

Mum tester, Hannah James, said, "After watching movies like Encanto and Coco, I realised that my four-year-old enjoyed listening to Spanish music. On a whim, I decided to purchase this card, and I am so glad I did. We often pop in this card when we are tidying up his bedroom. He always dances and sings along. Although I cannot speak any other languages myself, I am really glad this card can encourage him to pick up the skill."

Best fairy tale Yoto Player story cards

There are some stories which nearly every child will hear growing up. We all know the tales of Goldilocks and the Three Bears or Little Red Riding Hood, right? This set of First Fairy Tales is brilliant at bringing the stories to life, with upbeat narration and sound effects. 

Total running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Mum tester, Hannah James, said, "As a parent, this is my favourite Yoto card. The stories are perfect for bedtime. They are long enough that my children can listen to the full story before bed. Often after a long day, I don't have the energy to read book after book. But with the Yoto Player, I can turn it on and enjoy the story whilst relaxing with the children. My personal favourite is The Gingerbread man. I was very pleasantly surprised when my son woke up to recant the story he had heard the night before with incredible accuracy."

Best joke Yoto Player story cards

The 97 1/2 Jokes for Big Kids is perfect for children who love a good joke and are eager to learn more, but struggle with reading a joke book. Told by children themselves too, this story card features jokes about nature, school, food and so many more.

Total running time: 22 minutes

One customer wrote "My 6 year old is into jokes and this hit the spot perfectly. A lot of them still go over her head a bit, and she'll ask me to explain them, but that's fine. She's taken to repeating her favourites everywhere she goes, so that's provided a lot of fun. The jokes are clean and kid-appropriate, and no potty humour (hurray!) Just corny, punny dad-type jokes - perfect. One of the kid's accents is a bit hard for her to understand."

Best awareness Yoto Player story cards

The BrainBots: Sea Defenders takes children on a brilliant, fact filled adventure to learn all about the worlds oceans and how your child can become a sea defender themselves. The stories told by Nellie, Buzz and Gibbs, who meet new friends along the way.

Total running time: 30 minutes

Best mathematics Yoto Player story cards

Introducing numbers up to 20, patterns, shapes and more, the Maths Phase 1 includes six cards to help children aged three and over develop their maths skills, knowledge and confidence. It's engaging, with the activities playing in a random order every time.

Total running time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Best baking Yoto Player story cards

With five recipe cards included, the Baking with Yoto is fun for children to listen to and follow along with their parents. They're easy-to-follow recipes that once cooked, you're left with a delicious treat. Perfect for rainy days or to bake as treats for family.

Total running time: 5 hours

Best Yoto Player story cards with important advice

An inspiring, positive and practical guide for kids from Marcus Rashford. The You Are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be gives inspiring advice on how your child can achieve their dreams in this guide for life.

Total running time: 3 hours

What is a Yoto Player?

The Yoto Player device works by inserting credit card-sized cards, which brings the story to life. The audio device allows your child to listen to engaging stories, child radio stations and music. Most cards have multiple stories or elements for your tot to engage with. The best bit about it? Yoto Player is screen and ad-free. No more frustrated tots painfully waiting for their content to resume and no more staring at a screen.

What age is a Yoto for?

The Yoto Player is designed for children aged three to eight years old. However, in our experience children slightly younger or slightly older can enjoy the device. The cards purchased state which age the story is suitable for.

Where can I store my Yoto cards?

Now that you have all of these exciting new Yoto Player story cards, the next question is - where are you going to store them? Luckily there are storage options for them, our favourite is the Mini Travel Case, as it's perfect for taking on the go.

Best Yoto Player story cards mini travel case

Best Yoto Player story cards Yoto Mini Travel Case - Holds up to 30 Yoto Cards
Price: $34.99

This is the best travel case for storing Yoto cards. It can easily support up to 30 cards. Perfect for the Yoto Mini or when you want to take your Yoto Player away on holiday. Your child can wear this gorgeous orange bag with its over-the-shoulder strap.

Can Yoto work without Wi-Fi?

When you insert a Yoto Player story card into the player it downloads the content from Yoto. Once it has downloaded the content, then it can be used without being connected to the internet. This means it's perfect for long car journeys.

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