The best wooden toys for babies and toddlers

The best wooden toys for babies and toddlers

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Wooden toys are all the rage, with traditional playthings coming back in fashion for babies and toddlers.

Encouraging imagination and developing skills, wooden toys for babies and toddlers bring a certain elegance and sophistication to the playroom that a pile of plastic games just won’t do.

There’s a real range of wooden toys for babies and toddlers in the shops, so we’ve chosen our favourites - whether you are buying wooden toys for development, a birthday present, or a new baby gift for your mummy friends.

Wooden Camera Set, £40,


Develop your little one's penchant for photography from a young age with this lovely wooden camera set including a tripod. Not the cheapest toy so this would make a great birthday or Christmas present for a loved one.

Smart Games Wooden Bunny Game, £22.99,


This cute bunny is a shape sorter and a game in one. With Bunny Boo, young children can explore the fascinating world of three dimensions. Solve all 60 challenges (from easy to hard) or just play with it as a wooden toy to learn about concepts such as above/below, left/right, inside/outside, visible/hidden.

Rubberwood toys, from £10,

These waterproof wooden toys are perfect for bath times. Made from eco-friendly rubberwood, you won’t get any of that build-up of nasty black gunk. They’re the right size for little hands and the bright colours will help hand-eye co-ordination. Suitable from 12 months.

Wooden Hedgehog game, £23,


A great-quality wooden toy for toddlers, this hedgehog is fun and educational, helping your child develop fine motor skills, attention concentration, counting skills and patience.

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker Wooden Ring Educational Toy, £6.50,


We probably all recognise this from our childhood, so make sure your baby gets this old-familiar wooden toy to play with. The bright colours and sturdy wooden design is a real classic.

Kiddimoto London Bus, £69.99,


This fantastical wooden toy for toddlers might seem pricey but is a real investment and will bring hours of fun for your child. It won the Gold Award in the M&B Awards 2017 for the Best Toy Under 24 Months - read our full review of the Kiddimoto London Bus here.

Wooden Tool Box, £44.99,


Start off your child’s career as a mechanic or builder early, with this fun developmental tool kit. Perfect for role-playing games and those construction jobs around the house!

Hippychick Boikido Push & Pull Rabbit Wagon, £49.99,


This push-along wooden toy for toddlers is bright and cheery, and great fun for your toddler, which will help your little one on their developmental journey towards starting to walk. The quality is high - no wonder it was shortlisted for best toy in the 2016 M&B Awards - read our full review of the Hippychick Boikido push-along here.

Moover Baby Walker, £49.99,


A very traditional toy, this wooden walker will entertain your child as well as help their walking development. Plus, they can stack all their toys in it too. The special design means it moves slowly and at your child’s pace.

Miffy Wooden Shape Sorter, £18,


A lovely shape-sorter toy with the rabbit we all love, Miffy. Comes with four different wooden shapes for your baby to play with and sort out.

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