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Sometimes all you need is faith, trust and a little bit of fairy dust, right? It's your chance to sprinkle some joy thanks to the best fairy toys for children. We're talking bewitching colouring books, sustainable wooden train kits, and enchanted playsets - in the name of magic.

Whether it's your baby, toddler or child's birthday, a toy to take to their grandparents or a preschool graduation gift, these are guaranteed to put a spell on your little one.

How to choose the best fairy toy?

When you're searching for the best fairy toy it's all about creating a happy ending for your child. Whether you're buying the best toys for 2-year-olds or the best toys for 5-year-olds, make sure you check the age range before hitting that shop button, unless you're happy with becoming the evil villain and taking away their new toy because it's too complicated or not engaging enough.

When choosing the best fairy toy here are five things to look out for:

1. Is it value for money?

Don't be afraid to shop around. If you've found a toy that you think your baby will love, see if it's cheaper elsewhere - you might find that one store is having a sale and you'll bag a bargain.

2. Read the reviews

Other parents will take the time to write about a pair of fairy wings that are naff so always do your research before buying any toy.

3. What will your child get out of this toy?

Undecided whether or not this is right for your little prince or princess? Put yourself in their shoes and if you think they won't get much playtime out of it, you're probably right.

4. Activities, games and puzzles

Instead of opting for a traditional doll, pick a fairy play rug or colouring book to keep them entertained day after day.

5. Think sensory

Be it glitter or any fabric used, the sensory experience that your child has with their toy can make or break playtime.

The best fairy toys to buy in 2021:


Best fairy puzzle

Nothing is more rewarding than finishing a puzzle. Puzzles are a brilliant way to promote brain development in toddlers and children. The fairy palace design comes to life when they rub the patches of heat-sensitive ink and uncover a surprise hidden underneath. Pure magic!

One reviewer said, "WOW, I didn’t expect the thermo-changing parts to be all that great, but they’re amazing. Got this for my five-year-old and she loves it! It’s also good enough quality that it holds up when my two-year-old gets involved.

Read our full article on the best puzzles for toddlers that are both fun and stimulating.

Best fairy costume
Zacu0026#039;s Alter Ego 3 Piece Fancy Dress Rainbow Wings
Price: $19.49

Get out the children's dressing up box and add this fancy dress rainbow fairy costume to the collection. Whether they're putting on a play in the front room or throwing a fairy afternoon tea, this get-up will come in handy for any last-minute birthday invites.

One reviewer said, "I am very satisfied with the outfit, I know my granddaughter will love it because she loves fairies, unicorns, rainbows and all magical things. Its beautiful and wonderful value 🌈🧚."

Best fairy playhouse

A den is the best place for toddlers and children to hang out. The bonus of this being a colour-in cardboard fairy playhouse makes it all the more appealing. What's more, the cheap price makes it magical for parents.

One reviewer said, "Perfect idea, the perfect present. Entertainment for hours! Well recommended and a much better canvas for those pesky coloured pens instead of the walls or sofa."

Best fairy garden

Teach your child about responsibilities with their very own fairy garden. There are not one, but two growing areas for the grass. Top tip: get your child to blow on the magic candle through the window to make it light up and play a tune.

One reviewer said, "Fantastic! My daughter loves this and enjoyed putting down the grass seed, which started growing in a few days! A great gift to get little ones interested in gardening and looking after something."

Read our full article on magical fairy garden ideas for kids.

Best fairy projector
Brainstorm Toys Fairy and Unicorn Torch and Projector
Price: $10.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$10.99View offer
Macy's$10.99View offer
Tractor Supply$12.99View offer
Newegg$24.87View offer

Is your child afraid of the dark? Instead of buying a night light, give them this fairy and unicorn torch, which can project 24 lovely pictures on the wall.

One reviewer said, "My daughter received this as a gift from me when she was four and absolutely loved it (and operated it perfectly well at that age) still does (she’s six now). Great for bedtimes."

Best Princess Peppa toy
Alternative retailers
goop$2000.00View offer

Is your youngster in their Peppa Pig stage? If you're watching George Pig, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig and the rest of the gang daily, then the Princess Peppa should be at the top of your gift list. Oh, goody!

One reviewer said, "It's so cute. We're on our second Princess Peppa as my two-year-old daughter is very attached to this. Bedtime only happens when Princess Peppa is with her. Love the dainty size of this; it fits in the hand perfectly. It is so soft and cleans easily. The quality is excellent. The wings are iridescent and the wand shimmery."

Discover Peppa Pig World deals and offers for 2021.

Best fairy train set
Bigjigs Rail Wooden Fairy Figure of Eight Train Play Set
Price: $65.20
Alternative retailers
Macy's$65.20View offer
Bloomingdale's$65.20View offer
Walmart$97.08View offer

Choochoose a fairy inspired train set to challenge your toddler's problem-solving skills. They'll love building the track and watching as the carriage departs the station.

One reviewer said, "It's hard to find toys for a child transitioning into toddlerhood, but this is perfect. It is well made and is super easy to put together. It came with an instruction sheet, which I read through. The little train is magnetized, so very easy for a toddler to use. Their favourite activity was placing one car at top of the hill and letting it go down until it stops. Sounds simple, but was fun for her. I will be getting the other parts of the train, as it is easy to add on."

Read our full article on our favourite wooden trains for toddlers.

Best fairy colouring book

Spend a rainy day indoors with this jumbo colouring pad. Not only is this an incredible family activity, but it's also an opportunity to encourage tots to make up adventures about the characters on the pages.

One reviewer said, "I bought these jumbo colouring books to colour with my toddler, and I ended up colouring in them, even when my toddlers not around! The pictures are extremely detailed, mostly quite realistic, and fun to talk about with the kids as you colour or flip through the pages. The paper is even super nice, high quality all around, and the price is so good considering the quality of what you’re getting!"

Best fairy playset

Have you been reading your child fairytale stories at bedtime? Help them re-create their favourites thanks to this Early Learning Centre playset.

We love:

  • Perfect for children aged three to five
  • Encourages imaginative play

Best Tinker Bell fairy toy

You never want your youngsters to grow up, but you can capture the magic with a pinch of fairy dust and this wonderful Tinker Bell doll.

One reviewer said, "Bought for a friend's little girl as a birthday present, she was very happy, a stunning little doll."

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