Stokke® Snoozi™ bassinet: A safe haven for newborn naps

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Any new parent will know how much their new baby sleeps in the early months of their life. Those precious hours of shut-eye are essential for your newborn’s development, particularly when it comes to helping them reach their cognitive and physical milestones.

Providing a safe and secure haven for our little ones during nap time is a must for us mums and dads, giving us some peace of mind in the knowledge that our precious baby is nestled in a secure environment. That's why the new Stokke® Snoozi™ bassinet which has been ticking all our boxes thanks to its smart design tailored for infants aged 0 to 9 months.

Newborn in Snoozi bassinet

Not only is the Snoozi specifically designed for safe newborn sleep in those early months, it’s super lightweight and easy to move around the home or take away on your travels. Mum Kiera Hall particularly loved how easy she found it to move the 7.5 kg bassinet around her home, allowing her to keep a closer eye on baby. “Due to the materials used being so lightweight the Snoozi was very easy to move around the house, we have large door openings which means we could leave the Snoozi assembled and carry it from room to room.” Kiera said.

As well as being super easy to move around the home, they also loved that there was an option to purchase a handy storage bag to take on the go and the fact it was almost too easy to assemble, making it perfect for families on the move or for little ones heading for a sleepover at grandma’s house! Mum Jodie Slinn said, “I couldn’t believe how easy it was to assemble and even had to check the instructions to ensure I had done it correctly. Simply click the legs on and assemble the mattress bottom, no tools required. The easiest baby product I have ever assembled!”

Assembling the Snoozi bassinet

The Snoozi is designed with a soft oval shape, giving baby a sense of security while they sleep. To make sure baby doesn't overheat during their sleep, the Snoozi features innovative 3D mesh material to ensure both breathability and shade from the light on brighter days.

Inside the box you’ll also find a premium mattress is included which is designed to help baby maintain a comfortable temperature, a must for the changing seasons. This firm mattress also aids in baby’s healthy spine development and offers resistance when your growing baby starts to wriggle at night.

Our mum testers were particularly impressed with the overall quality and feel of the bassinet and in particular, loved the fitted sheets which are an available accessory to match the Snoozi. “The bassinet is made of breathable material and the quality of the Snoozi was clear as soon as I opened the box.” Said mum Keira. “I liked that the fitted sheets are made from organic cotton, my baby suffers from eczema, the sheets were gentle on my babies skin and didn’t cause any further upset. The sheets were a lovely snug fit and didn’t slide off when my baby wriggled.” She continued.

Snoozi neutral colours

The neutral colours and modern design were also very popular with our mum testers, and the timeless shades matched their home decor perfectly. “When I first opened the product I was so in love with the neutral colour. It’s so on trend and fits with our home style beautifully. It looks so lovely next to our bed in our room especially with the metal trim.” Commented mum, Jodie.

One design feature we particularly love is the adjustable mattress level to suit your babies age. For the first 6 months, the bassinet is designed to be used in the high newborn position, to keep your baby in clear view. When babies can pull themselves up, the mattress can be lowered to a safer level, and the bassinet can be used up until 9 months.

Snoozi bassinet for older babies

“The Snoozi is very spacious for my baby and I liked that he has room to spread his arms and legs out.” Said mum Keira. “At 8 weeks old, he is a lot more active than he was as a newborn, so a traditional Moses basket is too snug for him now. The Snoozi is larger than your normal Moses basket but not as large as a cot.” she added.

Stokke Snoozi bassinetStokke

The Stokke® Snoozi™ bassinet price starts at £290 and can be purchased at

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