Obaby Stamford Cot Bed review

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Obaby Stamford Cot Bed

by Catriona Watson |
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This beautifully crafted sleigh cot bed is part of the Obaby Stamford range. It is constructed from solid wood and can be converted easily from a cot into a toddler bed. By removing one or both of the sides it can also be transformed into a daybed or sofa. The cot has a matching drawer underneath, a three-position adjustable mattress base which allows you to lower the height of the mattress as your baby learns to sit or stand and teething rails which protect your baby's gums while teething.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Michelle: The best thing about this cot bed is the quality of the materials and the simple yet smart design. However, due to the quality of materials, it is very heavy and therefore was too difficult to assemble alone (especially when having to look after a baby!). The screws/fittings came in separated packets which were helpful when assembling and the instructions seemed relatively clear.

Annika: The cot is incredibly stylish and I am very happy with it. It was relatively easy to put together and once it is up, it is sturdy and therefore a very safe product to use. I also liked the fact that it can be coordinated with lots of different items and that there is a wide range of colours available.

Gemma: We love this. It’s a great product and I would definitely recommend it. It is easy to use with clear and concise instructions. It is both fabulous and stylish but also functional. From compact cot to cot bed! Love the colour ranges of the remaining nursery set, including the mix and match.

How did this product make your life easier?

Talisa: The Stamford cot bed makes my life easier as it is beautiful and simply makes my nursery. The white colour looks so fresh. It’s a solid cot and my baby is so comfortable in it. The drawer underneath is a godsend as I have put extra sheets and blankets in there for when my baby makes a mess.

Tonileigh: This product makes life easier because it has different heights meaning the product grows alongside your child. The cot has a handy drawer at the bottom which is helpful.

Shannon: I love the drawer underneath this cot bed. It makes storing blankets and sheets for my baby a lot easier as they are close to hand. Perfect for a baby that suffers from reflux and can sometimes need sheets changing at 2 AM.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jemma: This is a very stylish cot bed with lots of options to make it useful for a long time. It is a reasonable price for a solid piece of furniture and I do think it should win. There are lots of colour options and I liked that there are coordinating pieces of furniture available. It was easy to put together and to adjust the height.

Annika: I would choose this product for its attractive design and value for money, given the longevity of the product (as it can be used as a cot bed and changed to a toddler bed). The product looks expensive and can be coordinated with lots of different items depending on your individual needs.

Talisa: Yes I would choose this product over the other cot beds. It is expensive but definitely worth it. It is solid, safe and will last until my child is four, making it good value for money. It is a beautiful looking cot and with 3 adjustable levels so you don’t feel like your breaking your back to get baby in and out of it.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gemma: Value for money. I think it’s expensive for the cot bed. The brochure shows a beautiful set which I’d love to buy but I cannot justify the price. I couldn’t fault the design or the functionality of the cot and it arrived perfectly packaged and padded too. It is a great product but too expensive for me.

Tonileigh: I don't think I would change anything about the design of this product. I think it is lovely and stylish. I love the shape, the style and range of colours. It's great that it grows with the child and turns into a toddler bed. However, I would change the price. If it was £200 I would be more likely to consider it.

Shannon: I would like to see some screw covers for this product. I think it really lets the aesthetic of the cot bed down when you can see the dark dowel holes and screws all over the ends. A couple of safe and cheap plastic covers would make this look a lot better. It is also quite difficult to change the mattress positions so that could be made easier.

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