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Micralite Travel Cot 3 in 1 Sleep & Go

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Make your little one's sleep away from home comfortable and just as easy with Micralite's Sleep & Go cot. It has a bassinet attachment so your baby can sleep close to you, and when you do need to transport the cot, it packs away into a stylish bag in seconds.

How did this product make your life easier?

Tracy: It's a 3-in-1 product, can be used from birth onwards with its newborn insert, raising the mattress so that you don't have to hurt your back bending so far down, and as the child grows older it can be used as a playpen. I love how this product looks and feels - very stylish and does not stand out too much in the background. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and folds down much flatter and less bulky than some products available. It is well-padded and comfortable.

Bonnie: Wow this travel cot is absolutely amazing. It is so easy to put up and down, is lightweight and the bag to carry it in is a great quality. When this arrived I thought, "oh I will never use a travel cot as my baby is too small." But, it has a zip piece that you can add to higher the base and the mattress also fits this as is zipped into 2 parts. Once in the travel bag, it is compact and easy to carry with a shoulder strap and handles.

Elizabeth: This travel cot is perfect as it can be used right from tiny newborn stage up to toddler so if travelling you can just take this rather than a Moses basket if going away. I also think the fact it can be used as a playpen is a huge advantage particularly in places which may not be baby proofed. This is also extremely quick and easy to erect and pack away.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kirsteen: I would recommend it for the newborn insert alone. So many travel cots don't have this feature and it is so useful, particularly after a C-section. The cot is easy to put up - it took me less than 2 mins and it comes in a smart, neat case. The cot can also be used as a play pen and I've had it up for my baby ever since I got it. He loves it and is quite happy to sit in it and play. The door is an added bonus as my toddler enjoys opening it up to join him.

Laura: The Micralite travel cot is a really stylish design, and the thick grey material feels very good quality. The mattress that comes with the cot is soft and quilted and has been tested several times by our son who has had a very good night's sleep each time he’s used it. The travel cot can be folded up into a carry bag which is easily transportable, fitting nicely into the boot and not too heavy for lifting in and out of the car. As my son is 18months now a really nice feature of this travel cot is the side access so he can climb into the cot himself.

Amy: I would recommend Micralite Sleep and Go to my mummy friends due to the ease of use. It is also very easy to clean. My son is dribbling everywhere at the moment and it wipes clean easily. The bassinet zips on and off within seconds and if you were to use with the bassinet then because of the zip on the side you can store bit underneath if you are a bit short of space.

Would you choose this product to win?

Eadaoin: If I were to use this product every day I would definitely pick something of this high-quality. However, as a travel cot, it does not get utilised frequently and therefore I cannot justify spending this much. Particularly when there are lighter and smaller versions available with similar designs. The Sleep&Go is a very sturdy travel cot and I could see it being useful for parents with an adventurous baby that likes to climb out of their crib, my daughter is a heavy sleeper so this felt like overkill for her.

Tracy: This is by far the easiest travel cot I have had to assemble and put away. Although most other cots have a standard similar way of assembly and disassembly it's not as intuitive as the Micralite. Unlike some other travel cots, it folds down into a flat rectangle making it easier to transport and store as it is less bulky, and takes up less space in the boot of a car. The mattress provided is also slightly thicker and more comfortable than some of the other travel cots and you can get away without requiring any additional mattresses or padding, which is a plus point when considering safety and comfort.

Megan: No, I love this cot when it is up but compared to the travel cot we own it is huge and heavy and would take up far too much space in the car on a trip away. It would fit under a bed nicely and would be great for keeping at grandparents' house for visits but I think it is far too big to be used for travel and at 9kg it isn’t light either.

What changes would you make to this product?

Eadaoin: The folded state is very long, much longer than other travel cots with similar designs that we have used. The 88 cm length is just too long to get around easily especially when trying to take it through the airport. I usually put my travel cot in the same bag as my car seat for flights, this travel cot is too long to do so.

Tracy: The dimensions of this product when folded does not fit into a standard suitcase, which would have been perfect if required for long haul or plane travel. If it could have folded smaller it would be better. Being able to carry it as a backpack would also be a useful feature to be hands-free when traveling with young children.

Megan: I would make it either (or both) lighter or smaller. I think its size and weight is a real disadvantage for use as a travel cot (although the case is really good quality, comfortable to carry and looks really durable). I wonder how many people will be able to fit it in their car especially with other assorted baby things.

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