Mamas & Papas Franklin Convertible Cot & Toddler Bed 3-in-1 review

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Mamas & Papas Franklin Convertible Cot

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The Mamas & Papas Franklin 3-in-1 cot bed offers style with smart features to grow with your baby. Not only does the Franklin cot convert into a day and toddler bed to provide a comfortable place for your little one to rest their head up to approximately 4 years, the adjustable cot base has two height positions providing easy access to baby, designed with parents in mind. Save on storage space and hang blankets and muslins on the handy hanging rail at the end of the cot, and tuck away baby's essentials in the spacious under-bed storage drawer.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Adelle Barnett says: "The cot is a great design and has lovely attention to detail – I particularly like the bar on the end where you can hang clothes, muslins etc, I have not seen this feature on a cot before. It was easy to assemble with clear instructions and not too many difficult stages. The moving levels seem very easy to use. The smooth finish means that it looks great in a nursery and compliments any other furniture well. The mattress appears to be good quality."

Melanie Beevor says: "I love the fact that this seems like a really good quality product and will hopefully therefore still be in really good condition right through to using it as a bed. The drawer underneath is really good too, it makes it easier being on actual runners whereas a lot of others just sit loose on the floor."

Laura Bradley says: "Knowing that this product can be used up until my baby is a toddler makes life easier as it adapts and can be changed from cot to cot bed when needed. The storage drawer underneath the bed is also a really good feature as our nursery is very small so any extra storage is useful for bedding, towels or baby clothes."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Laura Brown says: "I think as far cotbeds go, it’s fairly standard other than how it looks. I’d recommend it as a stylish cotbed. It looks really lovely. It’s fairly easy to put together which is a bonus it I wouldn’t say it was easy to put together. It helps with organisation as it has a useful rail at the end for hanging items."

Tascha Claridge says: "The design is modern, sleek and stylish, it has a 'comfy' feel to it. It's rectangular design makes it easier to fit into smaller bedrooms and I found it easy to clean without any problems. It's easy to build and adjust when the baby or child requires the next stage.The rail can be used for older ones to hang their bed clothes tidily too."

Adelle Barnett says: "I would recommend this cot to others as Mama and Papas is a well known and trusted brand. The finish is good and the colour would fit with any other furniture in the room. I haven’t bought anything from mamas and papas before as in our area there isn’t a shop locally and for big purchases like the nursery furniture I would prefer to see it in person before purchasing it / making a decision."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Melanie Beevor says: "I'm not sure I would choose this over all others, purely because of the price, I think it is a lot to spend. However, price aside, I think it is a brilliant product. The drawer is a massive benefit, really spacious and slides so easily. The colour is also a really nice change from the standard white or oak that are on the market, I love that it's a bit different and will really suit being a toddler bed too."

Laura Bradley says: "I do think this product should win. This product has a really nice, modern feel to it and looks really fashionable in the nursery. It does the job in keeping my baby safe and comfortable for a good night’s sleep and is sturdy and well made. The design is well thought out with the drawer underneath for storage and the hanging rail at the end of the cot bed."

Laura Brown says: "I don’t think I would go out of my way to select this cotbed over, for example, the M&S cotbed that I currently have. I think if you want a natural wood effect look then this would be ideal so it’s more a choice of selecting it for aesthetics over any real practical reason. I think it could be a bit easier to put together. I do think it looks quite striking as a toddler bet."

What changes would you make to this product?

Tascha Claridge says: "The only thing I personally would change is the grey wash would be more grey as it has a brown tone to it. Apart from that I think the product is great and useful for a busy Mum! The only thing I personally would change is the grey wash would be more grey as it has a brown tone to it. Apart from that I think the product is great and useful for a busy Mum!"

Adelle Barnett says: "Like all flat pack furniture it would always be good to get more parts pre assembled especially for the price you are paying but overall it was easy to put together. I would make the product more readily available as once you see it you are more likely to make the purchase. Also being sold as a bundle with mattress protectors, sheets etc is a great selling point for a cot as it is impossible to know what you need as a new parent."

Melanie Beevor says: "The price would be the only thing (wishful thinking I know). Apart from that I don't think there's anything I would change as it has everything I would look for in a cot and also then a toddler bed too. It would suit pretty much any room decor and has all the features I would look for. It was also really easy to put together and converts to the different heights and to the toddler bed with no problem at all."

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