Introducing the NEW Lunar bedside crib by Silver Cross

Silver Cross Lunar Bedside Crib

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A new next-to-me crib has been launched by leading nursery brand Silver Cross – it's called the Lunar bedside crib and we love it! It sits conveniently beside your bed so that parents can enjoy side-by-side sleeping with newborns, keeping them safe and comfortable, but more importantly, within easy reach.

How the Lunar Bedside Crib works

You can attach the Silver Cross Lunar bedside crib securely to your bed frame with the safety straps provided and keep baby close by in those precious early months. They'll just be an arm's reach away, which is ideal for comforting them back to sleep in the middle of the night and so convenient for easy nighttime feeding. We also love that you can use the Lunar Bedside Crib as a standalone cot, making it really easy to take with you around the house if you need to.

A next to me crib that ticks all the boxes

The stunning neutral palette makes this crib a beautiful addition to any home, with its soft beige fabric complemented by natural wood effect accents. There are mesh side panels too so you can easily check on little one without having to reach over the top of the crib. Be sure to zip them back up for sleeping though to keep little one safe though.

The mesh also ensures plenty of airflow and the drop-down side panel has seven adjustable heights giving easy access to your baby straight from your own bed. This is a great feature as it offers complete customisation so that you can find the perfect position at your bedside. For even more customisation you can elevate the Lunar at stepped positions, which is a game-changer for anyone whose baby suffers with reflux and congestion.

About the Lunar Bedside Crib mattress

The mattress is of superior quality and design. It has soft bamboo lining and antibacterial properties for optimal hygiene. The heat regulating and moisture absorbing features of the mattress also ensure little one is comfortable throughout the night so that everyone gets the best night's rest possible. To top it off the mattress cover is super easy to clean, just remove and pop it into your washing machine at 30 degrees.

Extra crib features

The best next-to-me cribs all have a convenient under-cot shelf, which mums love for storing a range of easy-to-reach items, like nappies, muslins and baby grows. Not only does the Lunar Bedside Crib have the under-cot shelf, it also has handy side pockets to pop anything you might need to keep for easy reach.

What age is the Lunar Bedside Crib suitable for?

The Lunar Bedside Crib is suitable up to 9kg, from newborn to around 6 months, or when baby can sit up by themselves.

How big is the Lunar Bedside Crib?

The crib fits neatly by your bed, and when not in use you can fold it away neatly for space-saving and easy storage. It even comes with a protective travel bag and can be easily folded for safe portability to take with you on your family overnight trips.

Lunar Bedside Crib dimensions and specifications:

Unfolded: L93 x W56.5 x H70.5cm

Folded: L93 x W56.5 x H11cm

Weight: 8.1kg

Where to buy the Silver Cross Lunar Bedside Crib

It is available to purchase online at £175 on the Silver Cross website.

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