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At a glance:

This crib promotes side-sleeping allowing you to sleep close to your child. Suitable from birth to six months, it can be used as a normal crib as your baby grows. Light and easy to transport with a travel bag it has an adjustable height and an inclinable base.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Clare: This is a super idea. It is really useful to have such a slim cot as it saves on space and we couldn't have fit a full-size cot in our room. The best bit is that it allows your baby to be next to your bed but without the fear that co-sleeping may bring. It is easy to get to your baby during the night to check on them.

Kate: I would definitely recommend this product. Having not used one of these when my little boy was a newborn, looking back I can definitely see the value of a co-sleeper crib. I love that you can zip the cot up which would put my mind at ease. The safety is clearly apparent with the straps provided that can be attached to the bed securing the crib - again, putting my mind at ease! However, it is not particularly transportable and is quite heavy for a crib designed for small children.

Therese: I have already recommended this product. It is so useful during those early days, weeks and months when babies are finding their “sleeping feet”. The set-up ensures that you stay super-close to your baby and can easily transfer from your bed to theirs after night feeds. You can stay lying down in bed while soothing them through the night. The initial set-up is easy and we found it simple to pack up and take away on holiday with us – we used it on three different beds and it fitted well to all of them.

How did this product make your life easier?

Laura: The crib made it so easy for me to look in on my baby, without having to get out of bed. It made breastfeeding during the night super easy. The crib has adjustable height settings which were essential given the height of our bed. It also made it possible to adjust the incline to help with reflux and my baby’s digestion during the night.

Michelle: This product appealed to me for multiple reasons. I liked the ability to zip down the side to allow safer co-sleeping. It is a practical way for my son transition from co-sleeping, to a stand-alone crib, to a cot in his own room. It is spacious so they won't grow out of it as quick as a Moses Basket. I like the adjustable height and the mesh side which allows mum/baby to see each other. I found the crib fairly easy to assemble/dismantle and it is nice that it comes with a carry bag. It is portable but perhaps a bit too heavy and bulky to carry.

Ruth: The Next2Me is perfect for having your baby right next to you in the night for peace of mind and practicality of feeding. For those who want their baby close but not co-sleeping it can be used as an independent crib. It is easy to collapse and take away as a travel cot and the ability to put one end of the crib up higher than the other to help reflux is also a very important function.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rebecca: I would choose the Chicco NextMme over all other products on the market. It is a trustworthy brand and it is brilliant. It was great for us and met all of our needs.

Fiona: I love having my baby sleeping next to me and the mesh side has been brilliant as I am able to check on the baby in the night from my bed without having to get up and look. The ability to have the side down is another huge bonus, especially for the middle of the night feeds as it minimises disturbance to both of us. We initially purchased a Moses basket for her to sleep in but she never settled well in it and slept much better in this product.

Sarah: Sleeping so close to my baby is a great feeling and knowing that we were doing that safely stops the worries that you have with a newborn. It allowed us to soothe her during the night without having to get out of bed ourselves which is ideal.

What changes would you make to this product?

Clare: As the advice is to have babies with you for the first 6 months, if the bassinet could be lifted out then this could have been carried and used in all rooms. Whilst it is easy to manoeuvre, we still needed to use the Moses basket downstairs as it would be too much moving it every time. It would also make this even better value for money as you wouldn't need to buy anything else!

Kate: I would make it lighter to carry. It would be beneficial if it were slightly bigger or had an option to make it last for a longer period of time. My son was a particularly big baby so I would have felt that this was a bit extravagant for such a short time.

Therese: If I could change one thing about the product, it would be to make a section along the top where it was easier to mount a baby monitor camera to. We did manage to attach our camera using a spider mount, but it was a bit tricky as the material on the walled sides met the rim around the top, without any space between them. Either a built-in mount for a camera or a section of the top of the cot where one could more easily be mounted would improve this product.

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