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Check out our pick of rabbit childrenswear, perfect for Springtime when the little ones are hop-hop-hopping around - well, actually that covers all year round really. Where do they get their energy from?

These outfits aren't just for Easter. There's nothing quite as cute as a bunny so why not fill your little one's wardrobe with them.

While rabbits don't actually make good pets for children - they're too jumpy, they have a very strong kick, and they're not really fond on cuddles - bunnies remain a favourite emblem for childhood fun and games.

If you love rabbits, then here are some of the best bunny outfits for baby and toddler available to buy that are simply covered in bunnies.

A chunky knit cardigan that’s really soft and cuddly – and, did we mention, how utterly CUTE this is? The bunny ears are simply adorable. It’s made from 100% organic cotton so it’s perfect for baby’s sensitive skin.

Lightweight for summer days, but equally great over a long-sleeve top for colder days, this linen dress is available from newborn to four years.

Perfect for hopping around the garden, this Peter Rabbit sweatshirt-type top is gorgeous and will go with all sorts of trousers or skirts. Machine washable and tumble-dry-able too.

Your little one won’t just show their love for bunnies in this outfit, but will actually look like one. Fluffy and cosy and just wonderful.

Big enough to fit your little one’s lunchbox and a favourite toy, this rucksack is great for going on walks as you can use the reins while giving them the feeling of freedom. It also looks fab when your toddler is coming towards you and you see the ears poking up above their shoulders.

Go all-out bunny with this bundle including the famous and fabulous Blade u0026 Rose leggings, plus you can get a matching pink bunny top, and bunny sock shoes.

We’ve added some other animals into the mix alongside the bunny with this Spring-green top from Polarn O. Pyret. Made from organic cotton, it’s available from newborn to 12 months.

Now, we know babies never keep pram shoes on for more than approximately 26 seconds, but these are too cute not to try. They’re super soft and available in pink and grey.

Peter Rabbit remains a huge favourite with children and adults alike (and we can’t wait to see Peter Rabbit 2 at the cinema soon). This set is just adorable.

Miffy is still one of our favourite famous rabbits and we really wish these leggings came in adult sizes.

OK so it’s not an outfit, but it’s still cute as a button – your little one will love being wrapped up in this cosy bunny towel after bathtime or swimming.

Long-sleeve T-shirts are good for layering up your little one all year round, and these feature a cute cartoon bunny who can't be resisted.

A super comfy outfit for your little one.

A bright and cheery sweatshirt with a sweet motif of a bunny and its mummy.

Pink Bunny Moccasins

Moccasins are all the rage at the moment, so get some cute bunny ones for your little one - they'll keep their feet warm and are non-slip too.

Available in sizes 3-12, these leather rabbit boots come complete with ears and a cute pompom tail too.

A gorgeous mustard colour with little bunnies frolicking among pink flowers, these joggers (for ages 0-3 years) will look great whatever the season, teamed with a jumper or just a vest.

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