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Between the daisy-embellished sunhats and cute summer dresses, it's safe to say that we can't get enough of summer baby fashion. We adore dressing our baby girls up in all the sweetest outfits, but there's one thing no summer outfit is complete without - a cute pair of sandals.

Sandals are a great way to keep your little one's feet cool as temperatures start to rise, and are a sweet addition to any outfit. When buying sandals for your baby, it's important to make sure they're well-fitted, have enough growing space and are made of soft materials. The College of Podiatry also suggests selecting models with close-cropped soles, full adjustable fastenings and a range of sizes.

From pink to floral and even animal-print, here is our list of the best summer sandals for your baby girl.

When should you buy a baby shoes?

It's only natural to be excited at the prospect of your little one's first pair of shoes once they take their first steps, but we recommend waiting until they are a little more confident on their feet before buying them their first pair of walking shoes. Walking barefoot helps them achieve balance and coordination in the first stages, something that shoes could become a barrier to.

These beautiful, floral sandals simply speak for themselves. They're chic, include a comfy non-slip sole and close via hook and loop for hassle-free on and off. They include non-skid bottoms (with wobbly babies in mind) and you can choose betweens several colour combinations and designs.

Review: "Love these sandals. And the buckle is actually Velcro which makes it much easier to fasten. The soles are slightly cushioned for extra comfort. Look really cute on my daughter. Will be purchasing other colours also. Thank you :)"

If your baby is very little, closed-toe sandals are your best bet. These ones are made of soft material, are easy to pop on and off and have non-slip soles.

Review: "Gorgeous, very soft and comfortable, perfect for first steps and crawling. Bought to take on holiday and they were perfect."

Does your little girl love animals? If so, these stunning leopard-print sandals with a sweet bow design are just what you need. They have moulded insoles for her comfort, with an adjustable Velcro fastening to fit her little foot perfectly.

Review: "The sandals are gorgeous and well worth the price. They are Velcro so very easy to get on little one, and she seems to be so comfortable running around in them."

Pastel pink, Miniei Mouse-inspired and overall super cute - what more can we say about this pair of sandals? They have sturdy soles with good grip, so if you're at the walking or running stage, these are fab. According to reviews, these run a little large, so size down for the perfect fit.

Review: "Cute and well made! They have a thick rubber sole and they're durable! They don't rub or scratch my daughters feet what a lot of shoes do!"

Whether you're heading to a birthday party, on holiday or out for a Sunday stroll, this versatile pair of sandals is a great summer staple. Your girl will feel comfy thanks to the cushioned soles which make these a fab option for all-day wear. They're available in five beautiful colours so you can mix and match with all your baby girl's outfits.

Review: "I bought a pair of these sandals last summer for my daughter and she and we both loved them! Planning on buying two pairs this summer. Love that they are adjustable by the toes."

Heading to a wedding or another special occasion? These beautiful heart sandals with a braided jute trim are the perfect way to complete any special outfit. They're lightweight, comfy and are completely adjustable to your tot's foot.

Review: "Lovely little summer shoes that you can dress up or dress casual, very stylish for my little girl. Do come up big so would size down 1 size."

After that perfect pair for every day? This practical pair of pink sandals is ideal for days out in the park or for any other daytime adventure. Made of soft-moulded plastic, they ensure comfort all day long and tiny perforations in the straps allow for breathability. The Velcro fastening means the little one can do them up herself which means less hassle for you - always a plus!

Review: "I bought these for our holiday last year and have just bought again for this year. Lightweight so perfect for theme parks in hot weather or a nice meal out in the evening. They come up bigger so my daughter a 6.5 is a 6 in the sandal. Great value make sizes past 12 please!!!!"

A classic sandal design we know and love, but in a sweet mini version. These are perfect for every day wear in the summer months, and your little girl will adore the metallic heart and kiss design engraved on the edge. Her little toes will stay cool as she goes about her day, and the neutral brown is sure to match every summer look!

Your little girl will be thrilled with this snazzy pair of sandals. The shiny and rose gold combination is so cute, and the small studs are just the cherry on top. We'd love to see this paired with a sweet summer dress, or worn casually with a pair of dungarees.

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