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As temperatures start to rise, sandals are a great wardrobe staple for our babies to ensure their little bodies remain cool from head to toe - literally! Keeping their tiny feet cool with sandals is key to their overall comfort, but it's important to choose the right ones.

When choosing any types of shoes for your baby, you need to ensure they are well fitted and won't slip off, have room for growth and are made from breathable materials. If you're in the process of selecting your baby's first shoes, make sure to check out our full guide here.

Without further ado, we've listed the best sandals for your little man to wear this summer, in terms of comfort, real parent reviews and - the most important criterium of all - cuteness.

Can babies wear sandals?

Yes, babies can certainly wear sandals but the type of sandals recommended depend on your little one's age. Generally, for babies under the age of two years, we recommend closed-toe sandals for more stability of movement. This is because your baby will still be learning to take their first steps properly, and might be a little wobbly. For older children, open-toe sandals are more suitable and provide extra coolness to the toes.

Shoe buying guide for babies

To help you make more informed shoe-buying decisions for your bubba, here is a checklist by the College of Podiatry for things you should look out for when buying your baby shoes.

• Ensure there is enough room for movement and growth.
• Select close-cropped soles to prevent accidents such as tripping. 
• Make sure the shoes are made from a soft, breathable material – leather or suede is a good choice.
• Take a look at the sole to ensure that it’s lightweight and flexible to aid walking development.
• The more size options the better; looking for a model with a range of whole and half sizes, and a choice of width fittings to make sure you get the right fit.
• Look for fully adjustable fastenings that ensure the shoe fits properly and the foot cannot slip out.
• Look for designs that have a padded ankle – this helps protect and support your toddler's feet.

Style, stability and comfort - you can't go wrong with a pair of Crocs sandals. The stay-on fit will ensure their safety as they wander around, and the super light material means increased comfort during all activities. They have hook and loop closures for easy on and off, making dressing all the more hassle-free.

Review: "My 2-year-old wears these everywhere in sunny weather, to the beach or park! He runs around fine so they are obviously comfortable on him and he can splash about in water without taking his shoes off (he doesn’t like to be bare foot outside!) I love the colour, they are true to size and seem durable! Good little sandals!"

Perfect for walking around the park or city, these little sandals are stylish and comfy. They're made of premium, breathable materials and have a sweet peep-toe design for their little toes to peak through.

Review: "Very cute and my grandson who is almost walking can walk nicely in them."

Let your baby run wild in this comfy pair of Geox sandals. We love the navy shade that will go with all of your baby's outfits, and the splash of yellow red and green for some colour. They're durable, able to withstand any toddler antics and also prevent the foot from sweating.

Review: "Beautiful and very good quality. From the very beginning my 4-year-old son found them very comfortable!"

How cute is this pair of pastel blue sandals? They've got a dinosaur pattern your little guy will love, and are super lightweight. The foot and ankle strap with a hook and loop which is fully adjustable to your baby's foot. They're perfect for the pool, beach or just a summertime stroll.

Review: "Cute sandals. Very lightweight but perfect for the beach. My daughter is a size 4 u0026 I ordered the 3.5-4.5, they fit more or less perfectly. Velcro straps so can adjust for wide feet etc."

A charming little pair of sandals with over 600 rave reviews, this model is super high-quality and easy to wear. The insole is moulded for a comfy fit, and the Velcro allows for easy fastening and adjustment. These run a little big, but that just means more growing space!

Review: "So gorgeous! They literally go with soo many different sets as the colour is neutral. Really well made and good quality. They seem to be really comfy as my little one usually hates shoes, but seems ok with this one."

Your baby boy will look as handsome as ever in this smart pair of sandals. They're versatile, comfy and a must-have summer staple. The cushioned sole allows for optimal all-day comfort as your boy sets foot on all his adventures.

Review: "So happy with these shoes, i just love them on my little boy. Very smart indeed and the leather is super soft. I will certainly be buying again next year. They do come up very large in size though, and wide."

Dark Blue Athletic Sandals
Price: £14.99


Help your little guy explore the world in optimal comfort with this pair of dark blue sandals. We love the athletic look that will pair well with most outfits. The material is mesh and imitation leather, and the hook and loop fastening make them easy to get on and off, no matter how defiant the little one is feeling. The soles have a great grip, so no need to worry about him toppling over.

Review: "Excellent quality, especially for the price. So easy to put on which is ideal for an 18 month old. My little boy loves them!"

These imitation suede sandals are just what your little one's feet need. They're soft, lightweight and made from recycled materials so they're eco-friendly too. We love the tan shade that works just as well for casual strolls in the park as it does for special occasions.

Review: "Super cute summer shoes that have a useful Velcro fastening."

Inspired by every child's favourite cartoon character, these playful sandals are perfect for everyday. They have a foot and ankle strap, are Velcro and include moulded suede insoles for your little guy's comfort.

Review: "Love them they are very comfortable. My little one loves them. 😊"

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