Bambino Mio baby & beyond change bag review

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Bambino Mio baby & beyond change bag

by Carly Hurd |
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Bambino Mio's baby & beyond change bag is the ultimate change bag for reusable nappy users – compatible with cloth nappies and perfect to fit all your essentials from birth to toddler, hospital to school and much more. The unisex design and multi-purpose straps make the bag ideal for all the family.

To ensure that the bag is compatible with cloth nappies it features extra spacious compartments and a special waterproof ‘messy’ pocket for used nappies, wet swimwear, dirty clothes…etc, making it the ultimate pocket to stash reusable products while parents are out and about with little ones. Once home, used items can simply be taken from the messy pocket and put straight into the washing machine, making life super easy and eliminating unnecessary plastic waste.

Tested by mum Carly Hurd. She says:

Having an unruly toddler, quite often leaves me needing both hands free to control him, which made me want a versatile changing bag that I could use as a backpack when needed. I have been using the Bambino Mio bag for a few weeks, and have to say this bag is exactly that, versatile and convenient.
It has straps that enable you to attach it to your pushchair handle, as well as straps to wear as a backpack. This is my preferred option, as chasing after my two-year-old means I quite often had to leave my bag unattended while I retrieved him. Not any more!


It has so many compartments, one for nappies, bottles of milk and water, plus various others that you can keep your purse and phone in.
I have used it on days out at the farm, filling it with lunch for the family and the padded adjustable straps make it comfortable to wear on your back.
The majority of the outside compartments are zipped shut, keeping items securely inside whilst you bend over to assist your tot. So many times before using shoulder bags, water bottles would fall out whilst I ran after Rhys, so I found this to be a real plus.

The blue material it is made from is great, as my husband has been wearing it and he doesn’t feel he is wearing a women’s backpack (fantastic for getting him to share the load!)
I am really impressed with this changing bag, so if you want something that is strong, and durable whilst having multiple uses this is the one to go for.

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