Nuna Pipa Next newborn car seat review

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Nuna Pipa Next newborn car seat

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The Nuna Pipa Next newborn car seat is lightweight, coming in at 2.8 kg.

It's a versatile car seat thanks to the option of belt path or base installation. It’s i-Size-approved and includes an adjustable headrest with no-rethread harness, a Dream drape, and superior side impact protection on the base with built-in wings that automatically deploy when the car seat is installed.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jess Banks says: "The ease of unloading and loading my daughter using the Isofix base is really important. I believe you can also get adaptors to fit onto most pushchairs which would make quick shopping trips really easy. My daughter was incredibly comfy in the seat which made long journeys easy as she was happy. The harness was also simple to clip and unclip. The ability to be able to transfer the car seat from our car (with the Isofix base) to my husband’s van (with a seatbelt) is also really useful."

Helen Broe says: "The PIPA is light-weight and for growing babies allows them to stretch out in the car seat. The sunshade is very helpful for both rain and sun which protects your baby. It is also useful for you want them to sleep and to be free from distractions. The Base is easy to install and I feel secure knowing that it is a safe carseat with fitted wings to absorb side impact."

Emily Farmery says: "This is a fantastic car seat. It was super easy to install with no need to look at the instructions. I loved the simple safety features to assure you that it is correctly installed and provide a quick peace of mind. The seat its self is quite light when you take it in and out, it's a compact and smart design which is fuss free. The straps are easy to put on and adjusting the seat to fit your baby was also really quick and easy. I really likes the shade which is smooth to operate with no unnecessary bulk."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Chloe Hopkin says: "I would recommend this car seat and base to a friend or fellow mum, if they had a similar living situation to me (i.e. a long trip to the car) as it's easy and light to carry. Even though it's light it still seems very sturdy. I would also recommend it as it looks really good quality and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is."

Charlotte Hunt says: "The car seat itself is super lightweight and therefore easy to carry, I found the shape of the carry handle also aided with this. The built in rain cover and sunshade were excellent features and it was very appealing to have these constantly with the seat should they be needed. I liked the materials used for the canopy and also the contrast handle section. However I do not think I would recommend this product to other mums."

Jackie Littlewood says: "I think the best thing is how lightweight it is. It is good for mum's especially those that have had a c section. You can lift it in to doctor's appointments or shops without it really being too much of a burden. I like the sturdiness of the carry handle that goes across the top, because it feels Safe and secure."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louise Manners says: "I personally wouldn't choose this one, it wasn't my favourite out of the ones we tested. It didn't feel as safe but I couldn't quite put my finger on why. It seems flimsy and not as sturdy and doesn't offer as much side impact as the others did which is important to me. The baby looks hunched over in it with her head pushed towards her body."

Hannah Sellenthin says: "I would choose another seat over this one if my baby fit more comfortably, I dont like how my baby is slumped down with their chin on their chest. I have tried adjusting babys position but the same thing still happens. That alone is enough for me to say this shouldn't win if being aimed at newborns as i find it too dangerous. As soon as this doesn't happen this seat will be perfect as it is light, stylish, secure in the isofix and has an excellent stand out extendable hood."

Jess Banks says: "I would choose this product for the side impact protection and the quality feel of the product. The seat was really comfy for my daughter and I liked the small touches like the soft shoulder pads and extending canopy. I would probably choose this car seat over the Arra given the ability to switch between Isofix and seat belt installation which is a really useful feature."

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen Broe says: "I would change the shape of the PIPA and lose the side panels on the isofix base. I think the fact the PIPA is so lightweight is excellent though whilst maintaining high safety standards. Fitting the isofix was tricky and there was no online video to guide you through. The grey button needed to be pressed whilst moving the pins which made it challenging in a small space so I would adapt this."

Emily Farmery says: "I especially liked the extendable shade which would no doubt come in handy however it is fixed to the base of the chair with magnets and I can see these coming unattached easily and I worry about its longevity. The button to extend the straps is also hidden, something I'm sure you'd get useful but with babies you just need everything as easy as possible!"

Chloe Hopkin says: "I cannot really think of anything that I would change about this PIPA Next car seat as it has all of the things that I would look for in a car seat. It is stylish, comfortable for my baby and it is relatively good value for money. It's certainly one of the better quality seats that I have come across."

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