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Nuna PIPA Lite LX

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If you're looking for an ultra-lightweight group 0+ car seat with maximum comfort and protection, the Pipa Lite LX! has a strong, shock-absorbing shell, aeroflex™ foam and three-point harness. You can rest assured that your baby will be safe and secure during every car journey, from birth to 13kg. Nuna knows that nothing is more important than your baby's wellbeing so they've used soft, organic cotton to craft their harness pads and body inserts. Parents will find this portable, lightweight car seat easy to install thanks to the included PipaFix ISOFIX base, guaranteeing safe and secure installation with every ride.

Why do you think this product is so different from anything else on the market?

Kate: I have used several car seats including ones at the higher end of the price range and many of these claim to be lightweight but are still rather heavy. The fact that I could carry the box with this product in and the base to my car is a testimony to the lightweight design. The base, however, is substantial. The car seat does not have a flimsy feel to it at all.

Jane: The Nuna Pipa lite LX is marketed as a featherweight baby car seat and it certainly lives up to the hype. It’s very light which makes it easy to transport your little one in their seat without the backbreaking lifting that parents experience. It also has a dream drape built into the canopy which I hadn’t seen on any other car seat before. The dream drape removes the need to use a blanket or parasol to protect your baby from the sun when you are out and about.

Anna: This car seat is very light, much lighter than any other I’ve tried. It also has a sun canopy, which many car seats don’t. If you’re taking the seat out of the car straight onto the pram base, the sun canopy makes it so much easier as you don’t need to drape a muslin over the seat to shade your baby. newborn inserts are different from any I’ve seen before. You can mix and match depending on whether you want the top, bottom or both inserts.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Susannah: When you drive somewhere with the baby and they fall asleep on the way you would do anything for them not to wake up. The fact that you can take them easily out of the car in the car seat without waking them is such a good thing. The seat is so light that it makes this task even easier. You can easily just put it in and out of the base.

Sarah: I remember the early days of carrying the baby in the car seat. Once the baby was a bit bigger, the seat was very heavy. Having a light seat to start with would make life easier as a mum. Healthwise, especially if recovering from a C-section or breastfeeding this would reduce the risks of musculoskeletal problems.

Kate: As a new mum, I used to spend a lot of time carrying my little girl around in the car seat when it wasn't worth getting the whole pram out. This product would have made that whole process a lot easier. The full extension sunshade means that when pushing in the pram, the baby is better protected from the sun's harmful rays than with most car seat hoods.

What excites you about this product?

Jane: It’s lightweight and built for safety. This is a double plus when you have a new baby and a bad back! My toddler destroyed my back so when I was nearing the birth of baby number two I was suddenly aware that I would have to carry a baby in a car seat again. We changed our first car seat when baby number one was 10-months=old as I couldn’t lift him in it anymore. Having a lightweight car seat is a back saver.

Anna: The weight, sun canopy and insert are all great features. I understand that a lot of research and development has gone into it and that the material used to create such a light car seat can’t be cheap. However, I might be tempted to lug around a slightly heavier and significantly cheaper car seat.

Susannah: It was small, lightweight and not at all bulky which some other car seats can be. The base also seemed less bulky compared to others that I have seen. This was great for me because I have three children in three car seats across the back of the car. The smaller and more lightweight the car seat and base can be, the better. It is great that it was so easy to lift in and out of the car, even with a chunky baby inside!

What one thing would you change about this product?

Sarah: The straps are not very padded. They go over the neck and shoulder and once pulled tightly, as per EU guidelines, they left red marks across my little one’s shoulders. I would, therefore, make the padding thicker and longer so that it takes up most of the strap. This would allow for greater comfort for the child in the seat and the parent would not worry about making marks on their child which over time could become sore.

Kate: The extendable shade is an excellent feature. My 16-month-old daughter was able to pull the magnetic fasten apart and was then covering herself with the shade. This is not ideal when I am focusing on getting from A to B! I would recommend that the magnetic fasten was supplemented with a clip or other type of fastening to make it more secure.

Jane: The canopy. It’s large and looks almost too big for the seat. It’s fitted in a clumsy way and my one-year-old was being quite rough with it. It doesn’t hook onto anything and isn’t rigid enough to stay upright fully. This would actually stop me from purchasing the product as it is quite an important feature. The shoulder pads on the straps look like they have been added as an afterthought. They are very short in comparison to others. That said, it is a good size light weight seat.

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