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Suitable from birth, this rear-facing car seat goes up to a maximum height of 85cm (up to 13kg) when used with the Nuna PIPAFIX base. Safety features include a crumple zone, which absorbs impact in a collision. Light yet robust, this seat can be carried comfortably and is quick and easy to install.


Tested by Funda Gunes, from London, mum to Kaya, six weeks. She said:

Really intuitive to use, this is the best car seat I’ve seen. There are so many features and functions. It resembles a carry cot due to its width – Kaya looks comfortable and relaxed. A foot muff and integrated UV canopy are included, making it great for all seasons. It works very well as a travel system, and both the base and seat are easy to install.

Tested by Sally Coffey, from London, mum to Stanley, six months. She said:

Nuna says this takes five seconds to install, so we put that to the test. It took more like 10 seconds, but that’s very good going for me! You can adjust the headrest and harness easily with one hand – great if you’re not a fan of threading car seat straps through hard to reach openings! I like the canopy, although Stanley yanks at it endlessly – let’s hope it’s as strong as it looks.

Tested by Rachel Palmer, from Wigan, mum to Dorothy, nine months. She said:

Whoever designed this thought of everything. Dorothy sits in this happily and the five-point harness means she can’t get out, no matter how hard she tries! The downside is it’s fairly bulky. Plenty of padding for comfort, plus the substantial canopy unzips and folds down further to cover the whole seat, and the foot muff keeps her really snuggly.

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