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Maxi-Cosi Rock

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The Maxi-Cosi Rock with 3wayFix base will provide your baby with the safest way to travel, whatever the distance. This seat base is easy to use, has Isofix and an efficient Click and Go system when you first install. The unit even provides an audible confirmation to let you know when the seat is secure.

How did this product make your life easier?

Julie: It is very easy to get your child into the Maxi-Cosi Rock car seat, as it has easy hooks that keep the straps out of the way, allowing you to place your child into the seat quickly, then bring the straps over their shoulders to clip shut. I have tested out other car seat brands and this is a big plus point for me as it saves time and stress getting your child into the seat on your own. It is also very light, so this helps me greatly when transporting my child if she falls asleep in the car, it definitely helps my back!

Christina: This car seat makes life easier as a mum because the car seat is light and easy to put in and out of the car using the Isofix base. The cover from the car seat can come off easily and be washed. It would be better if the car seat straps were more wipeable. I found that these car seat straps looked dirty quite quickly due to the colour and even when wiped down did not return to the beginning colour.

Jody: The Maxi-Cosi Rock car seat is a great car seat from Maxi-Cosi but only goes to around 12 months. The car seat clips on and off the base really easily and can easily be attached to lots of prams with readily available adaptors. The car seat is I size compliant so meets European safety standards. The base is fantastic as its a 3-way base so it can be used with numerous other products in the maxi-cosi range. I love this as there is not extra outlay on a base when you need to size up. The Isofix base is super easy to install and looks stylish too.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Hannah: The base is great as it can be used for the rock car seat, the next stage Maxi-Cosi Rock car seat and also their carrycots if you choose to have Maxi Cosi pram and use this function. It's quick to put into the car and has light and sound indicators to let you know that not only is the base fitted in the car correctly but, that the car seat is also attached to base correctly. The car seat is to put the baby in and has a newborn insert for that added newborn protection. The washable car seat fabric is another reason to recommend this car seat to other mums! the car seat also works as part of a travel system, attaching to a number of prams with the appropriate adaptors.

Danielle: I would recommend this car seat/base to fellow mums as from a practicality point of view the covers are machine washable. I always feel my baby looks comfortable and supported and find it easy to strap baby in. I love the look of the car seat and the colour. I think other mums will love how easy it is to use on the base. The car seat looks robust and I'd have peace of mind that if we were in an accident that the I-size car seat/base would keep my little one safe.

Stephanie: It is easy to get your baby in and out of the Maxi-Cosi Rock car seat and it’s very easy to adjust the straps to ensure a good fit and the baby is secure. The padding on the straps cushions the baby’s shoulders hopefully making car journeys more comfortable for them. The light system on the base gives you peace of mind that the car seat is securely in place. I like the look of the car seat and think it looks well made.

Would you choose this product to win?

Hannah: I would be likely to choose this product over all others as it has greater longevity than others due to the fact that there is a next stage car seat that fits onto the same base. I also like the light and sound indicators giving me more peace of mind that the car seat and base are both fitted correctly. IO think it should win based on these features.

Natassia: I personally would prefer a car seat that would last much longer, my daughter is very long, therefore, I feel that for the price I wouldn’t get the use out of it that I wanted. The car seat I actually have goes from birth-4 years approximately which I think is much better more cost-effective, and less wasteful. Baby products are very expensive and having to keep researching and re-buying the same things is hard.

Stephanie: I really like the Maxi Cosi car seats due to ease of use, look and feel, comfort for baby and the lightweight nature. But, I would choose another seat over the Rock as I feel like it offers more padding, cushioning and protection which I think makes it a more comfortable journey for baby. I haven’t tried any other car seats so it’s difficult to compare but I am impressed with Maxi Cosi products and would buy them again.

What changes would you make to this product?

Danielle: I would like the sun canopy to be bigger/come further down to completely shade my son, as I found that the sun was still in his eyes at times. I also feel the material for the sun canopy could do with being more robust. The loops where it attaches to the handle I found easily popped off if caught slightly when picking up the car seat.

Jody: The one feature that I don't like about the car seat is the tiny canopy. It is fiddley to clip into two small hooks on the handle and provides very little shade or protection from the rain. It does fold back well but this is mostly due to its small size. It is also made from very thin material which I don't think would protect well in the rain.

Christina: I would make the straps either a darker colour so that stains/ general discoloration from use is not so noticeable or ensure the straps are more wipable. The sunshade is really handy however does not completely cover the car seat meaning that light can come through the gap and the sun can still go in the baby's eyes.

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