Maxi-Cosi Rock & 2wayFix base review

from Maxi-Cosi
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by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

The Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix provides protection and safety for children, enabling rearward-facing travel up to approximately four years old, which enhances protection of the head and neck. It features helpful light and sound indicators to confirm correct installation, enhanced safety ISOFIX installation and a rebound bar for added stability in the event of rear impact. It is easy to fit and ready to go in seconds.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kathryn: I found the additional side protection and the fact that this complies with the i-Size legislation very reassuring. When transporting a newborn, all mothers want optimal protection. As an owner of a Maxi-Cosi pushchair base, the ability to use the two products together offers convenience and confidence in a reliable brand.

Amie: I have already recommended the Rock & 2wayFix base to my mum friends. I have explained to them that the Rock & 2wayFix base is angled so much better than other car seats and my baby doesn't look squashed in it. I love the headpiece in the car seat, my baby can rest her head on this and I feel it is really comfortable for her. It is very sturdy and easy to wipe clean/wash. It is easy to carry with and without the baby in.

Joan: It is padded for comfort, the strap padding doesn’t move about as I’ve noticed on others. It rotates and reclines, making it so easy to pop your baby in and let them enjoy a good snooze on the drive! Its safety indicator shows you green when it’s correctly installed meaning you aren’t left in any doubt. It’s sturdy, safe, comfortable and has the convenience of turning to make for an easier life!

How did this product make your life easier?

Steve: The Maxi-Cosi Rock and 2wayfix base makes my life far easier because of the ease with which it can be installed. It is also very reassuring that it lets you know clearly when the car seat has been properly installed. I also find the looped strap tightening device much easier than on other models as it is far easier to grip and get a tight fit.

Leanne: The Rock & 2 way Fix base makes life so much easier. You can place the car seat into the base with ease which saves time. It can be a juggle with small children attempting to fasten a car seat in with just a seatbelt. The seat sits in easily, saving time and the juggle when your rushing about.

Stephanie: The Maxi-Cosi Rock and 2wayFix base make my life as a mum easier. I feel confident that I have a good, safe and secure fitting car seat offering the best safety for my child. The audio and visual aid ensure a secure connection of the seat to the Isofix base which is excellent. I am often trying to get a toddler in the car at the same time as my baby so knowing that he is secure and safe quickly helps. The seat is lightweight and easy to carry with my child in. I like the fact the car seat meets the new Isize legislation.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sarah: I think this is a good price and a mid-range product. It is from a good well-known brand which has passed numerous safety checks. I think this product should win an award for durability and style. It is an affordable high-quality product which I think will make the lives of parents easier.

Nicola: I would choose the Maxi-Cosi Rock and 2wayFix base because the build quality appears to be excellent. Maxi-Cosi is a trusted brand and the car seat does not disappoint. I like the position my child is in, the Isofix 2way base is great for knowing that my child is safely secured and it is great that the base can be used for the next stage car seat for my child. I like the colour of the material. It appears easy to wash if needed and the impact absorbing material offers greater peace of mind if we were ever in a collision.

Kathryn: I liked the comfortable seat with the additional padding. I feel that this would provide additional comfort and support for tiny babies. The sun protection canopy is a benefit when transporting your baby out of the car or on the base of a Maxi-Cosi pushchair. The fact that the covers can be easily removed for washing is also a key feature.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amie: One thing I would change would be the price. It is slightly overpriced. As soon as you start using the product I can understand why its priced so high. To improve the product you could add a clip onto the 2wayFix base to keep the leg up when in storage.

Joan: My husband doesn’t like the bar down to the floor as he thinks it rattles when the seat isn’t occupied. I don’t mind that but would like if it had an automatic stopping point when you turn it. My daughter likes to climb into the car herself when she can and with this seat, it’s not as safe as it still is free to rotate about. Our other seat locks in that position which is more secure.

Steve: The only downside to the Maxi Cosi Rock and 2wayfix base is that the weight limit is a little on the low side. I would need to move to a larger seat a little bit sooner than I would have liked. Other than that, I think the car seat is one of the best that I have used.

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