Cybex Gold Juno 2-Fix Car Seat

from Cybex
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Cybex Juno 2-Fix Group 1 forward-facing Car Seat

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A forward-facing seat with a recline function and eight different settings on the height-adjustable headrest.

The seat comes with a safety impact cushion to help reduce the risk of neck injuries, while protective side cushions help minimise the force of a side-impact collision.

The covers are machine-washable, and a summer cover with breathable fabric is also available.

A particularly useful feature is that this seat’s connectors snap easily into a vehicle’s ISOFIX anchorage points, but can also be stowed away within the seat. This makes it compatible with cars without ISOFIX, and handy for switching between vehicles too.

Tested Nadine-Johanna Stewart, from London, mum to Max (13 months), said: “Safe, lightweight, very easy to install with ISOFIX or seat belts. Great design and easy to use. Some children might feel restricted by the impact cushion.”

Tester Rabab Kane, from Co. Antrim, mum to Patrice, 9, Alesha, 6, Matthew, 5, and Sophia, 2¾, said: “I love the additional abdominal protection but this seat was quite a tight squeeze for Sophia – I think it’s better suited to children under two.”

Tester Dorian Spackman, from Cornwall, dad to Max (23 months), said: “We didn’t like the part across the child’s tummy as it’s too restrictive. It’s quite an expensive seat but we found it incredibly difficult to install as the instructions baffled us!”

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Product Information

Cybex Gold Juno 2-Fix Group 1 Car Seat

Weighs: 7kg

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